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let me buy it here and I'll buy it

is it avail anywhere but steam?

Arts pretty good, story concept is interesting and I thought the tentacle thinking=talking thing would be a fun gimmick but everything about the NSFW scenes and leading up to them felt poor.  Rushed, forced, stiff, unnatural, etc idk exactly what words to use but some of the writing felt badly done

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Had this game on my watch list a while but haven't tried it yet.  Its kinda interesting its got animation.  I'll be honest though, I'm sorta of 2 minds about it.  On 1 hand animation done well is uncommon and would surely add something but on the other hand even big VN titles don't do it most of the time so that suggests that its more trouble than its worth and I imagine you're already fighting an uphill battle.  With a title like 'Ravager' I'm not sure if it will be to my taste in the first place but if it is I would sacrifice animation to have better everything else.  Hopefully animation just doesn't require sacrifice.

ok, finished getting 100% on the journal so heres everything I have to say.  First, everyone try this but be sure to get the version on the patreon page.  The gameplay loop is addictive in an old school adv game kinda way and the pixel art is outstanding.  I was also able to get several hours of content when I played.  Don't underestimate what you get for 100 MB here people.  

The only nitpicks would be that the text needs to be more lines during the erotic scenes and small bits that are barely worth mentioning like the coloration of janet's nipples in the first scene, ivy's lip biting facial expression, etc..  All of the art was great though and some was flat incredible.

I do hope that the finished product doesn't have any failure states based upon day limits since it could only hurt imo by forcing reloads, efficiency over preference or restarting altogether.  Going to certainly keep my eye on this title.

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I think the graphics are clean, the characters are adorable and the gameplay premise of clearing the node maps and upgrading gear to be potentially compelling.  Both of my complaints may be fixed by release but here they are.  First, it felt a bit too grindy without enough payoff to make the grind feel good like it does in some games.  I suspect that as levels, gear upgrades and other RPG systems get introduced that this is a non issue.  The other complaint is about the adult content in that the animations just aren't enough to excite me at all or they might of helped make the grinding less of a chore.  I didn't get to any scenes between the main characters and only seen the crystal animations.  I may be too jaded but those didn't do anything for me despite being cutely drawn and animated to a mostly acceptable level.  Making this post mainly because those scenes look like they might take a degree of work and yet I think typical VN H-scenes with variations on stills accompanied by dialog would evoke more eroticism.  I've seen games where animations worked but my first impression here was that its just not enough of a carrot.. to make me want to continue playing.

Feel free to delete this post after its read if thats a thing you can do.  I don't want it here, will never return to check it and only posted it to try to help

Doesn't look like a game I'll play but got to say the gif screenshot with the witch giving the kiss is beyond adorable

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Great art, much better than the english original stuff posted on mangagamer.  Might be worth trying to get the game on that site for better coverage.  Looking forward to being able to buy it somewhere not steam.