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Hey, how did you fix the wheels acceleration issue?

Did you try the light version specifically released for those with that issue?

It would be cool if the Roadster had the SpaceX package, those cold gas thrusters they were talking about for even better acceleration, stability and braking.

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Yeah, I understand that. Just a key is not enough to control the power of the Roadster. A gaming pedal or the shoulder/trigger of a gamepad is necessary for slower acceleration, or you could simulate the pedal with a throttle bar. For example: W = increase throttle, S = decrease throttle, nothing = throttle keeps fixed, Z = max throttle input, X = zero throttle input.

But what I'm talking about can be seen in the other cars too. You can see it very easily this way: Get a very high speed and jump over a ramp, when the car touches down, it will accelerate again for a while like if you were still pressing the W. Did you make sure the RPM are exactly what they should be?

Great new models, I was impatient for this update :D, but you should limit the RPM of the WheelColliders! For my game I use an AnimationCurve to reduce the torque as the RPM goes up. If you don't do that, the car keeps accelerating for a while after you release the key. You can use this calculator to determine the max RPM of each car: It's also important to not to apply all the torque from the beginning. Actual cars gradually increase the power even if you put the pedal to the metal.

And what happened with the door handles of Model S? they are not animated anymore.

If you are not going to update it, make it open source. Don't be selfish. Let others improve it.

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There is a lot of room to improve. I can't believe that a Model S falls backwards if you try to climb those mountains. This doesn't represent the real performance or behaviour of the actual cars.

Please make the character faster or be able to sprint... walking any distance is hopelessly slow.

Also the car should engage handbrake if you are not pressing any key, but it doesn't stop even when you get out.

And some decent skybox would be appreciated.