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Have had a bug on mac twice now where upon crashing it fully wipes all my data and starts me on a blank acct : / Tann is there a built in shortcut to unlock all items/chars? (found it) Love the game to death, ty <3


I sat down and was actually physically incapable of standing up until I inhaled the whole thing, ty brianna for your amazing, moving, and hilarious work : 'DDDDDD <3

ah thank you and sorry i missed this response! my comp is in the shop but i'll touch back if it's still not working after i get it back

ah this looks amazing! I'm on mac (currently 10.14.6) and unfortunately it does freeze immediately on launch (nothing pops up except for the navigation bar).

But otherwise ty for making it! it looks like it'll be a really amazing tool. <3

had a great time with this, cruising through normal difficulty with my partner as we gave ballet slippers and a black hole to a hardened warrior

oh hey! yeah you can walk down out of your mech after that and it fades out, ending the game

<3 :)

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Blue Skidoo

name=Blue Skidoo

ahhh ty, that's lovely to hear!!

ah that's such a compliment, thank you for playing it and leaving a comment! <3

Congrats on all the exciting updates!!

rad thank you! <3

Hi I'm having an issue saving in general or accessing options on mac (2018 running High Sierra). And then at the save point, it just doesn't write into a file.  Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!! :))

Also commenting that a mac version would be awesome, hoping to stream this game at some point!


Thanks!! Y’alls games are super cute too! <3

No worries!! No rush on my end, excited to play when you can figure it out without overworking. :)

Loved it!! I finally feel satiated :)

Hey y'all I'm having trouble opening the mac file? Any suggestions? Is it me? I'm getting an unhelpful error that just says the file "can't be opened". Happens for both, I'm on 2019 mpb with High Sierra.

i cried

This is so personal and lovely, and I want to know so much more about this world <3<3

Ah this is so lovely, the music is wonderful, and I love the moods of the worlds you make!

Ah wow katherine this is so cool and eerie and mesmerizing.  The colors and writing are amazing and I love the music selection too!

thank you adam! Again, I really appreciate you checking it out. Sorry i didn't see this for so long!! :)

tyy plumm!!!! I somehow missed this!!


Ah thank you aubergine! :)

love my snail me <3

This is so cute! :') it's really nice visiting y'all

ty onion!!!! <3<3

I feel so accomplished from collecting all the orbs. <3 

Thanks for the thoughtful game!

ty spence!!


ty!!!!! <3


<3 ty heather!!!