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This is so personal and lovely, and I want to know so much more about this world <3<3

Ah this is so lovely, the music is wonderful, and I love the moods of the worlds you make!

This is such a lovely and vulnerable game. It was such a treat getting to play it! <3

Ah wow katherine this is so cool and eerie and mesmerizing.  The colors and writing are amazing and I love the music selection too!

thank you adam! Again, I really appreciate you checking it out. Sorry i didn't see this for so long!! :)

tyy plumm!!!! I somehow missed this!!


Ah thank you aubergine! :)

love my snail me <3

This is so cute! :') it's really nice visiting y'all

ty onion!!!! <3<3

I feel so accomplished from collecting all the orbs. <3 

Thanks for the thoughtful game!

ty spence!!


ty!!!!! <3


<3 ty heather!!!

aw thank you so much for playing it Brandon!!!

Omg Noah this is so cute! What a beautiful and nostalgic world <3

Ty Noah!



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Thank you!!

<3! Caeth you are too sweet!!

OK this one is a jam too: t/105*((t>>1|t>>8)&127&t>>15)

Ahh so good!! t/549*((t>>19|t>>9)&45&t>>11)

This is really lovely. I love visiting real world spaces in Bitsy : )

This looks so good! I can't wait!


thank you!

<3 thank you crabman. hope you're well!

thank you nadia for the kinds words. I'm glad it connected with you.

thank you for playing it Naomi!

A really meditative and wonderful experience.