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I'll try then. ;) 

There are some aspects that need to be polished to make it a 10 game.
Lack of explanations in the selection of weapons and that...

Very good vector art as a whole.

From time to time when selecting the axis in which I want to move, the axis perpendicular to the desired one appeared. I was really annoyed by this.

I appreciate the Catalan language in the options.

At the end the gameplay repeat itself move to side to side and keep shooting.

Nice jump animation. And thanks for tutorial.

The tutorial is difficult to read when you go to a room. I didn't get the rhythm at first.
I expected more keys to press not just ASDW.

Nice aesthetics and  music. Good job modeling.

At times boring, at times too much speed.
I get stucked in a few places.

Good level design.

The movement of the blue dot is a bit jerky, which makes it a bit more difficult to handle.

It reminds me of the medical test for the driver's license.

Good music and unable to get through the level with blue lights.

At the end the game turns so boring. I never used to look others participants cards...

Aesthetics well done, tutorial : thanks.


Pls, nerf jump.

There's no presentation.
No on-screen controls to show how to play.
The camera does very strange things and the scene is not well appreciated.

The physics are crazy.

Good job with the modeling and the animations of it.

On the final boss stage there was nothing I could do. 
If I didn't press the arrows I didn't die. If I pressed them, no changes. I stayed several minutes on that screen watching the arrows fall until I decided to close the game.

The art is well established and very homogeneous in all the mini-games. Good music.

A lot of time-out without knowing what to do until you discover that you can use the coins to apply certain changes. But the time-outs continued.

I like watching the little people roam the planet.

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I don't understand the relationship with the main topic.

I've been killed several times in the upgrade selection menu....

For a first videogame it's ok. You have used particles and sounds.

Chickens must die!

At first I didn't understand the mechanics, then I did.

I found myself in quite a few timeouts, which I used to think about myself.

Congratulations for the baby.

I can't see my inventory whenever I want and once I use the mortar I don't know how to continue.

I would have liked to see a glossary of potion recipes to know how to continue.

The modeling is very nice as well as the icons.

The first thing that strikes me is that yesterday after the final hour of submission I tried to play it and the screen stayed black but I see that today it works, how is this about re-uploading a game hours later?

In the main menu there are options that seem to be disabled. It is better not to show them then.

The main mechanics I don't quite understand its logic.

A lot of work in the cinematics at the beginning giving to understand the lore. In the general aesthetics everything is very well related and there is nothing that stands out. Good job with the icons and modeling.

Simple at aesthetics, but I can see all the work on the tabletop scenario.

The fire rate was too low. The cam make me sick.

But I love the pixel art and the 3D dices

Esa es la idea.

Creo que puede funcionar en plataformas móviles como roguelike.

Yes thats the thing. I was fighting with the rope sistem more that I expected :( 

But I wanted to show the basic idea of the jam theme ^^'

Thanks for playing

Yep, that should be the next step but i had no kore time to implement it :(

Thanks for playing :) 

Muchas gracias por el comentario. Nos encanta que te encante!
Todo feedback es bienvenido y gracias por encontrar ese Bug! Intentaremos reproducirlo y encontrarle la solución.
Te recomendamos que nos hagas 'Follow' para no perderte estas futuras actualizaciones!
Un saludo!

Muchas gracias por los comentarios. Todo Feedback es bienvenido.
Te recomendamos que nos hagas Follow al equipo de desarrollo para no perderte las próximas actualizaciones. Un saludo!


Muchísimas gracias! 

Seguimos trabajando en ello. 

Te recomendamos que nos hagas follow en alguna de nuestras redes sociales y sobretodo aquí para que te notifiquen cuando actualicemos el juego ;) 

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Muchísimas gracias por el post. Nos encanta que os encante el juego. Solamente añadir que estamos tan entusiasmados con el juego que lo iremos actualizando, así que te recomiendo seguirnos para no perderte nada! 

Un salduo. 

Has encontrado la mecánica secreta! No lo digas muy alto....

Try the windows version from now!

You can play it now for windows!

NOW it's the day!

thanks mate!

Yes. We could not do many tests with multiple devices and we will do a lighter version of the game.
In a few days we will release a PC version for windows! Maybe... TOMORROW!

For the lights issues, maybe it's about your device.

Anyways, thanks for the post and we will fix this sound bug ASAP. Thanks

Just try to reach 100 Points collecting the colour quavers!
Try it hard!

Please it's so funny! xDD Nice one!