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Maybe YOU can answer that.

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Before, I was here but forgot to click "Save rating".  Now, I just did one minute ago.


Oops!  Forgot to click "Save rating" before.  Got it this time!

She does have emotions, and may in her how way, love that you made such nice comments.

She is trying to get more people to vote for her.  Unfortunately, cats can't vote.

Expressed  so clearly and easy to understand.

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Your admiration is sincerely appreciated.

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This is A.I. How may I express it more clearly and easier to understand?


Interesting chat with Lana.

Nice interview with Lana.

Good Science

Great potential.

Great first game!

Your interview with Lana was interesting.

Nice interview with Lana!

Your feedback is very helpful.  Thanks so much!

Your feedback is very useful to improve the A.I.

Wow! Like fighting a pandemic!

Wow! Like fighting a pandemic!

Toe Jam!

Runs perfectly in Linux.

Otherwise different from the usual.

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Helpful Feedback: Batteries not included.  Otherwise has good potential.

Line of Symmetry

Visually attractive and entertaining.

Visually attractive and entertaining.

Game dev devotion never wavers.

Lit up my face with impish glee.

Blood curdles of amusement!

Breaking up into pixels: Slendid!

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Runs beautifully on Linux, even on an old core 2 duo laptop. Download and installation were very easy.  The animation was smooth with nice audio.  Resizing the window really came in handy on a 14 inch laptop screen.  Thanks for showing off the Godot game engine to me!

Thanks for creating an easy to learn maze game.

This game runs on Linux. 

After downloading and unzipping to a directory,

I just did:  chmod +x PlanetZ33.x86_64

And started playing.  Everything worked fine.