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Virtual Girl

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This game is the 2nd part in a series of games in which you play as a girl, trying to solve a murder.Pink Noir: Part II

Thank you for playing!

Wow! This is really good! I love the art and the music! Very good job

Thank you both for playing! glad you enjoyed it haha

Wow! thank you both for playing!

This is beautiful. Thank you for this

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Thank you Amaris! Glad you enjoyed it

Hey that was really cool! I love the time switching mechanic and the detail for everything is really nice! Great Job!

Here is my new game in which the most of the game takes place in one room.

Wow. That was great. I love the color palette and the simple art style! The writing was funny too and that 'escar-go' pun was awesome! Great job!

Exits that lead to a duplicate room, with more tiles in it

Hey thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it

Hey thanks for playing! I just watched it, and I like that you called it captivating. If you want, check out the rest of my games as well.

OOH! Mysterious! Good game dude!

That was sooo good! Haha good one guys! 

PS. Glad I didn't eat the burger child.

Alright folks. Here we go. This is the first game in a series of 12 games that will pit you against the worst, most violent criminals in the world, The Spiral. This is the first game The Lover. Enjoy!

Very nice!

Here is my new game enjoy!

Nice one! I like the interface you created for the computer! good job

Wow that was nice! Good narrative! Did you just have an invisible sprite to advance everything?

Here is my new bitsy game Cherise!

Very nice! I liked the way you integrated the text messaging into the game.  And the story was also nice.

Good job on this! the maze is especially well done!

this feels so good to play! I also love the music! Great job!!

oh ok thanks!

Here is my new game takes place in a bar!

Very nice! I really like the color palette!

Good game! I like the ambient sound that you have and the color palette is nice as well! 

Good job!

Very nice!  I really like the console that you created. And the music is nice as well!

Haha thank you! I just recently found that artist and pretty much wanted to make the game around it. Thanks for playing!

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through a garden.

how did you make that shooting star????

Thank you all for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Nice and short, a good little microcosm from everyday life.

Really cool game, but im not hearing any sound?