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Virgula Leal

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eu quero muito ir à locadora

thank you

loved every second of it thank you very much

é verdade

the best game is of very good

Obrigado, vou continuar sim, pode deixar!

Agradeço a preferência!

difícil pra cacete, mas consegui ganhar pulando por cima dos espinhos na fase com os espinhos que são muito difíceis de passar!

obrigado por ser um faz-jogos, daniel dante

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nem sei o que é isso aí!

isso é verdade

Mucho Texto | Know Your Meme

obrigado por vencer

chinela :)

desculpa eu tinha planejado um botão de comprar downgrades mas não coube no escopo

Era essa a intenção!



obrigado felixxx


que susto

vá ao médico

obrigado por aprender, adquira hoje mesmo o seu:

é verdade isso


parabéns pela súbita fortuna

é verdade

é verdade :)

Thank you for your very thorough analysis and input! Unfortunately, it is often very hard to impart painful feelings to an audience without inflicting actual pain upon those we wish to reach with our message! Communication is hard, and often requires bypassing certain formalities that would otherwise prevent the raw (metaphorical) contact of our (metaphorical) flesh! Hopefully the lacklustre logos prophorikos didn't make your experience much too unfathomable!

Thank you for your kind words! Owl village's a bit too outlandish for me, so it is exciting to learn it can be cozy to some!

Perhaps you too wished you knew the names of some books! I'm glad to hear you had fun!

Don't worry, you're safe! Thank you for braving through!

Doing very fine myself, thank you for the concern! I'm very glad you've found the game great!

Glad for your laughter! I wish only that you keep finding more of them (laughs) in your life!

Flying Artists II! Did you enjoy your time with it?

Thank you, and sorry for your dizzy! Here's hoping for a swift recovery!

It really is up to you!

Glad you did! Drink lots of water!

thank you! regarding the dumb, I agree!

bless you and a good!!!!