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No just a game I created on 2011 with GM6.

First game, first GML learning.No  apptentting to win sorry

I will ask people for ideas to submit about levels and enigmas for my game. I achived to program chapter I and Castle I. I'm on Chapter II.

nice ideas

seems good game!

checkout my Sonic game (hortuxes)

All comments about Sonic games ware welcome!

First part (1 of 7) has bugs. please test the game and your computer performance (% CPU, %GPU,%MEM).
Post any questions, many comments and ask questions about this game development and resources.

I'm Epileptic since 1996. My illness changed my life. I can not drive a car, working hard, and practise sport if I'm too tired. I have according to my neurologist to sleep 10h/night and 3h resting by day. So, through a day and a night, 13 hours, menaing more than the average.

As I am hypermnesic, all "datas" I store everytime must be reorganized in my neuronal-ciruits and in addition my cerebral physiology change by restructurations of complex circuits. In addition, I have to be analyzed by Electro-Encephalo-Gramme, because epileptics have a big problem. from one axone to its opposed one (axone->synapse>neurone >synapse>axone) The voltage MUST be absolutly respected. CG : 0.3mV must be processed by the neurone to let 0.4mV delivering by the next axone. (0.3mV->0.4mV one-way). Or another exmaple : 0.5mV  must ne processed to give 0.6mV, or 0.5mV to 0.5mV... If there is a disfunctionnment ( 0.3mV must be processed to give 0.4mV AND the process give 0.339mV, the circuit drop down and convulsions (and others)... pathologies could be noticed. AS I'm epileptic, The network of my neuronal circuits can not deliver the proper voltage amount other axones have to receive or emmit. That big problem is not to be ignored for epileptics. All people believes epileptics lags on this terrific pathology, my ex-wife believed I lagged on epilepsy to find a way to pretend I could'nt find a job, but I can assume my state and my whole conciousness to consider what I live is nice but could be better if I am not epileptic. Now, 4 managers (food store, blood lab, and 2 society in America (Ontario & California)) wanted me to work with them. I CAN NOT. The institution of department bureau of handicaped people granted me to have a salary (800 euros/months) and more over I have a 80% of handicap  scale, meaning I have an orange card "carte d'invalidité à 80% et plus" (In France where I live).Every people are jalousse about my way of life : I have not to work, state taxes fees, 100% fee psychiatric pills cost privilege,  state mendatory protection, ... but "I never asked to be epileptic", telling me to other jalous other viable people.
JeanFrancois POIRIER

+33 6 06 57 87 43