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It also seems to be an issue with newer GZDoom; Kagen didn't have issues with the SPC playback in earlier builds and I can confirm that as well sadly after install another v3.4.1 installation of GZDoom and it didn't happen there, unfortunately I can't use other newer mods like Tactical Spy (which crashes the engine despite saying it works with v3.2 or newer) and updated builds of RetroShader with GMOTA.

Sorry to bug you, but for some reason I am having some bizarre audio problems with Lord Blaz' music with the recent version (v1.4.1), whenever I start a new game with him, his music is very low in terms of volume and doesn't change much if I mess with GZDoom's sound settings, and then after I change from another character then back to Lord Blaz, it works normally all of the sudden? I'm not sure what is causing this issue. This problem seems to also affect other characters as well from what I'm seeing (or rather, hearing).

My system's specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
  • CPU: AMD FX-4350
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (4GB VRAM)
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3

Using GZDoom v4.4.2 (64-bit), tried different audio output (FluidSynth, WildMIDI, etc.) and different sampling rates as well (48KHz and 44.1KHz).

Dumb question: does this support the Unity re-release's IWADs for Doom I and II, as well as its downloadable Final Doom, No Rest for the Living, and SIGIL WADs? Another thing, could it be possible to have an option to not have the level author's names appear in the level completion screen? 

Thank you for the replay and it's totally understandable of not publicly showing the UX/UI working. I do like the idea of a prequel comic and glad to see you're experimenting with some unique ideas while we're all dealing with the quarantine thanks to COVID-19.

This was a very welcome surprise to see this game show up on and for free as well. Thank you very much, Benn Fried. I am wondering though, is there any possibilities of updating and bug fixing this release and maybe add some polish to this without changing the game too much.

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I bought the game on the Google Play Store a few months ago and the game refuses to install thanks to your retarded DRM system and I am not the only one dealing with this bullshit! I have tried to reinstall the game and I can't get a damn refund since trying to uninstall the game and that rejected my right to get a fund on the Play Store. Either fix your fucking game on the Play Store and remove the shit DRM that is keeping legitimate customers out playing the game and ripping them off in the process, port this shit on PC without DRM as an apology, or give us our damn money back!

Can't wait! X3

Thank for reading my feedback on the game, I'll give this new update a try.

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  • I experienced an odd issue with the volume  where some sound effects was not effected by lowering the volume slider. During a session I lowered the volume since I was playing with headphones on and some of the voice over was loud despite the sound effects volume set low. Can't seem to reproduce this issue with the TV speakers as default audio output.
  • Minos is always performing the side dodge maneuver on both analog stick and D-pad during flight, regardless of how far I tilt the stick and always occurs when I did not double tap the stick or D-pad despite what the in-game instructions says.
  • Cannot find a way to remap controls on keyboard or controller in the game at all or in the Unity launcher. The default keyboard set-up that carried over from the Windows Store version is also very awkward.
  • Pressing Alt+Tab sometimes causes the game's interface and HUD to disappear when paused or during gameplay upon task switching from the game window and back to the game when in fullscreen.
  • UPDATE: Due to the inability to remap controls on controller, certain DirectInput controllers such as the Logitech DualAction have buttons in the wrong places compared to XInput controllers (e.g. Fire being mapped to Y instead of X).
  • UPDATE 2: What happened to the difficulty options from the Windows Store version? They're all missing in this re-release.
  • UPDATE 3: Y-axis inversion for the flight sections is missing in this version whereas the previous Windows Store version had this option.

    Feature suggestions:

    • Allow for manual side dodging  with triggers or shoulder buttons during flight sections for consistency as the beat 'em up sections have this in this re-release as well as ExZeus 1 for the PlayStation 2.
    • [F2P ver.] Less reminders of the Instant Continues as this feels like it breaks the pace of the game in-between stages.
    • Sensitivity option for analog movement as the Windows Store version of ExZeus 2 (sort of) had this but wasn't particularly designed for controllers and this would be beneficial for this new PC version.
    • The ability to launch the game without the Unity Launcher (unless there's a way to do that and I may not be aware of that with Unity-developed games) or exiting the game back to desktop without having to use Alt+F4 considering this game maybe released Steam and players may play the game through Steam Big Picture which is controller-focused, plus it would be more convenient for those that wish to play the game with the controller.

    So far I'm having mindless fun revisting this game since I last played ExZeus 2 when I played the Windows 8 version about a year ago and I'm liking some of the visual improvements added to this version, however I'm baffled with some of the missing features with this release (e.g. no difficulty options, no Y-axis inversion for the flight sections, lacking sensitivity options for analog controls) I wouldn't mind picking up the full premium version on Store/Steam and hoping ExZeus Arcade, the updated version of ExZeus 1 from the arcades and PlayStation 2/Wii, arrives on PCs as well.