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Awesome, thanks for the insightful and inspirational information!!!

Hello, I'm very interested in this wide-pixel excitement, but I have a question that sort of follows up on this example. To achieve the 2x1 pixel art effect, is it done by literally drawing and  making sprites with the rectangle pixels, or would you draw the pixel art like you would normally do--like that 1x1-style archer and dinosaur above--but then stretching the image by tweaking the final resolution? In other words, is it best to draw the 2x1 sprites manually, or setting the resolution to achieve the effect automatically? I would think drawing would be more satisfying than just the illusion of rectangle pixels. I hope that question makes sense, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept and how to best achieve the desired effect. Pretty cool topic though, I admit I've never  read up on this fascinating technique! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject.

Love your work. And this asset continues that tradition of quality assets. There is so much good stuff here to chew on, and the included example characters are fantastic and fun. Also, the code is well commented and everything is super organized, which makes it a joy to explore.  Highly recommended.  Another great Yal production!

This just looks and feels wonderful! The art alone is amazing, but the game plays great and the parallaxing effect is very effective and riveting. Really enjoyed it.

Oh wow, I thought this was just awesome! The whole experience is really intense, and when those large turret ships started coming, it sealed the deal even further. I really like the hero's ship design, but everything looks really slick and clear. And the music!

Well done.

I used a palette suggested by someone in the forums (and when I find their name again, I'll add it here). Here are the hex-codes:





Here is the palette!

@toastbot Thanks for playing the game!

Regarding the high-scores and not seeing them at the end to compare; essentially, the game takes your best score and displays it on the menu screen. So whatever your best play-through was, it's saved and displayed without any other information on that screen, and not at the end. It's also only displaying your score, and not other people's scores. I'm doing some testing though, to make sure it's working properly.

Hope that helps. And hopefully it's working correctly, as this is my first attempt to create a simple save feature compatible online, so I'm still experimenting quite a bit. But that's why these Jams are so great, it compels you to try something new, just for the heck of it.

I really enjoyed playing Moonlights Mischief; it was fun learning the bad guys' limitations quickly, as it made me feel in control once I got the hang of the hook. I got to the 4th or 5th level, but I couldn't beat the dude standing on the left behind a counter with a vase blocking his view. I will try again, though! Great game.

Hey, thanks for the kind words, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!