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Beautiful! Definitely recommending your font for use with Minetest. 🫶

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✨ Graphics, entertaining and futile efforts to strategize out your shelter for crazy squirrel that for whatever reason decided to stay outside during LIGHTNING WAVES AT NIGHT. ⚡⚡⚡⛈

Pretty vector graphics surrounding (my imaginary) plot of the squirrel that avenged the gods by staying outside, and they decided to obliterate her! XD

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Following you from some time ago. Loving the clever action game you’ve made, so fun! This drop, tensity, and tricky lighting - all good. Liked the challenge suprise drops presented me with, although one could say I developed some resistance to uncertainty, so I may be biased. Recommending to my friends!

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I <3 the clever action! It’s a star-worthy entry :D Made me feel smart for some moments there, but also presented fun challenge of 4th dimension in lighting.

Completed everything in 20 minutes.

Oof, I overestimated my powers on dragon :)

Neat improvement for some competitive scoring :)

Good to know! Even though I like to give AI cheating a lot of counter action, I never thought about the possibility in this one.

Not meaning to be a yelper, but don’t you think that deducting 50 score because of random ball that you can’t find any better place for is a bit imbalanced?

Also, weird stuff happens, and the expected ball color becomes another at random. Seems like a bug.

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Cool! :D Game changer is that it also has Android version and deceiving tactics in multiplayer is so much fun.

Splendidly clever level design :D I wish there were more to come!

Why does she remind me of Carmen Sandiego?

Ah, I have just seen it in Discord. I eat my words. What I meant to say is more sophisticated procedural generation than just random noise. For, you see, I’m all hands on sensitive terrain generation 🙄

Huh, I thought that procedural generation is a ton more complicated. If you are in doubt, take the humane route, you won’t miss ;)

Heh, I guess it’s a winner submission 😉🎉

I liked the part where it escalates quickly.

Keep up the good work! ;) I liked the graphics very much.

Seems fun :) Didn’t notice the escalation though - makes it kind of generic as per genre, but I like your attempt to produce a game with sleek graphics!

Nice one! :) Mexican standoff really fits the theme. Good potential for even more puzzling levels!

Thanks! These are pretty :)

Not bad, huh! It made me sweat for a bit, but I’ve got home :)

Delicious writing! :)

Frenzy part really spiced things 😅 That’s so hilarious! I was happy after choosing this game to stream to my friends 👍😁


woah, that’s intense :)

Hahahah, I enjoyed making burger 😂

His face doesn’t say anything about expectations xD He’s just like “ok, usual day of handyworker, what a boredom”

And there I was thinking it’s solely about repairs. HECK NOT! 😨😱 Geez…

xDDDDDDDDDD The best handyman simulator

xD I liked this

ahah, nice piece of work xD