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This game  is so intellectual it causes brain injury. Absolutely recommend to everyone who has the brain capacity to play this.

This is really great! I think that you should add a way to restore hunger, maybe bread for example. Like if you could find bread from chests , use it like health potions, and using it would give , for example, 20 hunger back.

Couldn't find this anywhere, so I decided to ask, because i'm curious.

Funkin Vortex seems really great, and I'm really liking it so far, but I do have a problem, that problem being that I don't know how many 4ths, for example, are  in a minute, and I'm finding it really hard to have the notes in sync with the vocals, but since I already know the BPM of the song, I would find it really useful if I knew  the amount of notes per minute, so if you know how many 4ths there's in a minute for example, please tell me.

It's very good, but something that could maybe be added is slides. (Sounds that slide from one note to another note)

Cool, but why do some levels have '-X' at the end? Does it mean they're supposed to be challenge levels? (The ones with the red outline)

Theme: Good.  The theme stronger together has been made really well in this game.

Name:   Okay.  I think that MindLoop was a good name but something like hivemind would've been better for this.

Level design: Perfect. Amazing levels!

Story: AWFULLLLLLLLLLLL (Just a joke this does'nt even have a story)

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I have an idea, what if the stands would have a fourth level? Maybe it could be like a possibility to choose the cost, and lower cost would be less people buying it, but more money! The cost would still always be higher with a higher rigging, but the amount of people buying it would'nt change with the rigging still. By the way good game! And I agree that saving would be great.