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I'm uncertain about the potions using durability, I think there's a strategic choice involved with picking an item up and utilizing it effectively so I'm leaning heavily toward keeping it.

Also, XP's only purpose is to spawn the door to the next level and handles the spawning of items as well.

I'll try to clarify that in upcoming versions lol

  • Fixed the enemy stacking bug in the top left corner.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would spontaneously disappear for no apparent reason.
  • Balanced some enemies.

dear bonemerang dev

why an installer and not a standalone D:


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Using a potion will leave the slot it was in permanently black, even if another item tries to take it's place;

Also it's possible to get stuck in a room without a key;

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what up gamboys :)

Yeah, but 4chan as a community thrives on anonymity, so if they say something particularly crucial or controversial they don't have to live with the stigma attached to their identity. It's not looking like they're too interested in using the itch.io community much to begin with though so it's probably not a big deal.

people from 4chan are reluctant to post because they can't do so anonymously, and a quote feature of some sort could be nice

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I don't really know what other purpose this community thing could serve, but at least it's a permanent resource for feedback since 4chan isn't

neat B)