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:)) thanks buddy

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Bombs should blow up before they rise off the top of the screen, is this not happening for you?

I'm suspicious of timing differences on different browsers but I've not been able to confirm it yet

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  • Completely revamped intro!
    • This took days, but I like the results :)
    • I ended up modeling most of the tower in Blender, and then pixeling over the entire thing to get the vibe right.
    • It'll also allow me to do some submenu stuff in the future, so that's neat!

  • New obstacles!
    • Fans
    • Rotating lava geysers

  • New monster!
    • Lil' Puff Puff the pufferfish

  • (Temporarily?) Removed tower rotation due to apparent motion sickness from players, lol
  • Optimized the heck out of the game, seeing up to +40FPS on some devices!
  • Added a level up system, wherein every 25,000 XP will move you to the next stage of the game (very rough atm!)
  • Recolored several sprites for the sake of clarity. (ie: green is good, blue is neutral, red is bad)
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after being killed by certain explosions.
  • Removed bats (for the millionth time) while I figure out better enemy designs.
(4 edits)
  • Player:
    • Added a swinging particle.
    • You can no longer miss a swing and be rendered helpless.
    • Added some different facial expressions.
    • Base hitstun increased.

  • Obstacles:
    • Added a bomb, attack it and you'll probably blow up!

  • Combos introduced:
    • Basically how old chains work, but the combo is lost after 60 frames.

  • Balance:
    • Reeled back cascading gem wave spawn rate.
    • Reduced number of gem bits to help with visual clarity.
    • Reduced the size of most things by 25%~
    • Chests temporarily no longer spawn (thus no powerups either).
    • Gems now have a starting HP equal to the number of sides they have.
    • Gem HP increased overall.

  • Enemies:
    • Bats no longer deal damage on collision, allowing you to wail on them.
    • Bats temporarily have no way of damaging the player, while I figure out some stuff.
    • Bat HP increased to 8.

  • UI:
    • Made a new font for in-game text. nvm it didnt work out so well :(
    • Some UI cleanup.

  • Misc:
    • Fullscreen now takes up more window width :)
    • Made the background 50% darker, for readability.
    • Fixed an issue where the player had no trail.
    • Fixed an issue where only small gems had a light source.
    • Fixed an issue where cannon gems wouldn't get destroyed properly.
    • Fixed an issue where dangling chains would expire too early in the background.
    • Fixed a bug where pressing space could circumvent tumble cooldown.
    • Fooling around with jungle graphics, and are WIP.
    • Fooling around with alternate intro layouts.
    • Fixed an issue where explosions not caused by the player could cause them to jump.
(3 edits)
  • Added minimal mode:
    • Minimal mode tries to improve performance by deleting instances that may cause lag on certain devices.
    • You can enable minimal mode by pressing M in-game.
    • Minimal mode is also great for recording indexed animations, such as GIF.

  • Added cannon gems:
    • When shot, they will fire on 2 sides, damaging enemies.

  • Balance:
    • A small gem will now spawn if there is nothing left to bounce on.
    • Difficulty is now tied to XP.
    • Increased base jump strength a tad.
    • All spikes now deal 1 damage.
    • Hero no longer tumbles on misclick.

  • UI:
    • Reduced size of UI by half
    • Tried to reorganize it in a more pleasing way.
    • Fancier font.
    • Brought back multipliers.

  • Misc:
    • Fixed an issue where trails were on the wrong layer.
    • Gems now reset between runs.
    • Tweaked falling particles.
    • A cascade of gems will now fall alongside chests, relative to your current chain level.
    • Did some detailing the the environment.
    • Made some efforts to optimize the game.
    • Completely revamped player appearance.
  • Added 5 new items:
    • Perma Hover
    • Big Jump
    • Big Booms
    • Down Blast
    • Heal

  • Item stuff:
    • Added a particle for using items.
    • Powerups now cycle when falling, like a slot machine.

  • Physics:
    • Reduced player gravity a smidge.
    • Reduced global hitstun intensity.

  • Balance:
    • Small blue spiker gems now deal 1 damage instead of 99.
    • Revised spawn times to compensate for new physics.
    • Player will now drop their powerup when they take damage, though you can grab it again.
    • Tweaked bat AI as an experiment.
  • Overhauled some graphics
  • Overhauled some scale issues
  • Overhauled player physics
beta 6 is largely an experimental build and mostly undocumented
(4 edits)
  • Tried to rebalance bats:
    • Spawn with 3 health.
    • Spawn less often.
    • Will dive if they're at risk of leaving the screen or going above the player.
    • They no longer spawn in groups of two.
    • They no longer swarm after item pickup.
    • Ruined bat sprite again.

  • Worked on item feedback:
    • Using an item will force you to jump, just like a normal blast would.
    • Items no longer give you a hidden +1 HP.

  • Worked on HUD stuff:
    • There is now a healthbar.
    • You now start with 2 HP.
    • Reorganized a lil bit.
    • Removed second item.
    • Removed multiplier for now?
    • Globalized UI scale.
    • Removed dynamic text scaling.

  • Tried to balance gems:
    • Large round gems no longer split into smaller gems.
    • Small blue gems are now spiked.
    • Gems now become more dangerous over time.

  • Misc:
    • Fixed an issue where explosions from items wouldn't expire.
    • Tweaked all spawn times and more tightly controlled what spawns and when.
    • Chest HP reduced to 5.
    • Reduced jump strength so you aren't "forced" to the top with rapid jumping.
    • Fixed an issue where large round gems would spawn deathsparks in the wrong spot.
(5 edits)
  • Added some loot:
    • Every piece of loot has a passive or activated ability, which can be toggled/used with RMB or the on-screen button.
    • Basically, loot acts as a powerup that can be used multiple times, but will expire if you take damage.
    • Some loot requires charges after use. Loot can be recharged by successfully landing a hit.
    • Loot probably doesn't work with Archer or Lancer at the moment.

  • Added some real basic debug stuff:
    • You can now switch classes in-game with the number row, changes take effect immediately.
      • 0. Default class
      • 1. Archer prototype
      • 2. Lancer prototype

  • Revised HUD:
    • Most stuff packed into corner to make room for more HUD stuff.
    • Made HUD easier to read via color-coding.
    • Added some juiciness to HUD during relevant events.
    • Added two buttons for powerups.
    • Score now displays gem count instead.

  • Attempted to revise Archer:
    • Archer can now charge arrows by holding LMB. Charged shots deal explosive damage.
    • Jump height is now tied to charge.
    • Arrows now stick out of targets they hit.
    • Projectile line is now more clear.
    • Fixed an issue where missed shots would damage everything.
    • Fixed a bug where enemies would take damage twice from one shot.

Archer seems to feel awful regardless of how I balance things, mainly due to the enormous range. There's potential it will be scrapped entirely.

  • Started to implement Lancer:
    • Basically the same as Archer, but throws itself instead of a projectile.

  • Misc:
    • Treasure chests now drop loot instead of gems.
    • Fixed an issue where the player wouldn't reset their rotation after taking damage.
    • Fixed an issue where hitflash particles wouldn't properly get created when taking damage.
    • Some things gave you score that shouldn't have. Now they don't.
    • Reduced the intensity of screenshake, hitflash, and scroll speed for the sake of readability.
    • Bats no longer 'counterattack' immediately after you damage them.
(1 edit)
  • Started to add a new class: Archer;
    • Archer is a long range class with a focus on precision. Missed shots are punished harshly.
    • Connected shots do explosive damage in a small area.

  • Fixed up some taking-damage things:
    • Player now experiences hitstun when taking damage.
    • Player now flashes white when taking damage.
    • Player's velocity is now explicitly set to result in more predictable knockback when damaged.
    • Damage is now dealt after hitstun ends, hopefully resulting in more satisfying kills.

  • Added a treasure chest:
    • 10 HP.
    • Contains a horde of gems for now.

  • Changed some miscellaneous things:
    • Moved cursor to the top layer.
    • Dropped the base pitch of gem smacking sounds.
    • Increased the pitch range of gem smacking sounds. (maybe even too much)
    • Bats now begin spawning immediately.
    • As a test: Bat HP is now 1. Spawn 3x more often.
    • Increased enemy spawn rate over time.
    • Reduced spiker gem spawn rate even further.
    • Resolved a Z-ordering issue when transitioning to the main game.
(3 edits)
  • Adjusted some physics based on feedback:
    • Removed extra gravity when the player goes above the ceiling.
    • Prevented player from bouncing off of walls.
    • Allowed gems to bounce off of walls.
    • Decreased player steering speed.
    • Increased drag on spiker gems.
    • Reduced spawn speed of small blue gems.
    • Added some drag on gems that are spawning, to give players a bit of warning.
    • Reduced gib fall speed.
    • Gibs now react to blasts.

  • Re-introduced bats and tried to improve them:
    • Debug key (T) will now spawn bats, for testing purposes.
    • Physics overhaul to make them more predictable.
    • Flap timer now resets when bats take damage, which should prevent counterattacks.
    • Bats no longer collide with gems.
    • Bats no longer strictly flap to the beat of the music.
    • Bats still spawn on beat, which should make groups of them more predictable as they spawn.
    • Bats can now spawn in groups.
    • Bat body parts now lerp toward their desired position, making the bat look floppier.
    • Bat limbs now flash white when taking damage.
    • Bat sprite updated to make it larger.
    • Limbs now disjoint briefly for better impact feedback.
    • Body now twists when taking damage, for better impact feedback.
    • Updated bat gibs.
    • Bats no longer kill you in one hit.

  • and some miscellaneous stuff:
    • Fixed a leak where chain popups would never expire.
    • Fixed a bug where the score would misalign at the start of the game.
    • Spiked spiker gems no longer deal 99 damage. Instead, they deal 2 damage to everything they pass through.
    • Decreased spiker gem spawn rate.
    • Increased bat spawn rate.
    • Added some text to the title screen to display the game's current version.
(6 edits)
  • Ported entire game into a new physics engine, which should allow for neat stuff later:
    • This also meant that I've had to re-balance all the physics from scratch, and as a result, the game will likely feel a bit different from b0. Gravity, drag, friction and elasticity have all been adjusted for every object.
    • Steering will feel different as well, but I think I got it pretty close to how b0 felt.

  • Tried to make the game less punishing:
    • Hovers now last substantially longer.
    • Increased player base jump strength.
    • Gems bounce and spawn a little more desirably.
    • Small gems will now always spawn in groups of two.
    • Player now has more than 1 health. Spikes will still instantly kill you.
    • Increased base hitstun (which should assist in multi-taps)

  • Tried to make hitting gems a little more satisfying:
    • Much larger hitsparks when gems take damage.
    • Adjusted how gem bits are distributed when a gem is cracked or broken.
    • Adjusted gem bit behavior and sprite (they now delay and linger before homing to the player).
    • Adjusted the number of gem bits spawned.
    • Increased base hitstun and hitscaling.
    • Increased player base jump strength, to make the impact feel meatier.
    • Max speed on player & gems are increased, to make high speed impacts feel meatier.
    • Increased pitch on gem bits obtained in quick succession.

  • Tried to bring focus to the player's score/chain, to emphasize it's importance:
    • Fixed a zeropadding issue on the score's counter.
    • Painfully switched to a more appropriate font for most HUD stuff.
    • Highest chain is now displayed while in the bubble.

  • And changed some miscellaneous things:
    • Cleared out some redundant code that was probably causing lag.
    • Cleared out some unused objects that were definitely causing lag.
    • Adjusted some score accumulation stuff.
    • No gems collide with each other anymore, making their movement more predictable.
    • Fixed a leak where gems wouldn't get destroyed.
    • Fixed a leak where gibs wouldn't get destroyed.
    • Fixed a bug where the background wouldn't scroll.

Bats and slimes are not yet fully re-implemented.

dear bonemerang dev

why an installer and not a standalone D:


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Using a potion will leave the slot it was in permanently black, even if another item tries to take it's place;

Also it's possible to get stuck in a room without a key;

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what up gamboys :)

Yeah, but 4chan as a community thrives on anonymity, so if they say something particularly crucial or controversial they don't have to live with the stigma attached to their identity. It's not looking like they're too interested in using the community much to begin with though so it's probably not a big deal.

people from 4chan are reluctant to post because they can't do so anonymously, and a quote feature of some sort could be nice

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I don't really know what other purpose this community thing could serve, but at least it's a permanent resource for feedback since 4chan isn't

neat B)