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my favorite game of yours so far, i was confused at first but it all came together nicely! it's always good to see a notification that you've uploaded something, i've never been disappointed :) 

i didn't know what to expect with this game but i feel like it's actually really original! i've never seen a horror game like this. thought it was fun and the characters not being human gave it a nice touch as well! :)


hi, is this still being worked on? i really enjoyed playing the demo and would love to find out what happened, you did a great job at setting the scene :) 

what a lovely game! i'm really surprised and impressed to see this was worked on by 1 person, and such a young one at that! it's crazy. a lot of potential here. i'm already looking forward to your next project :)


this was ass

i went in expecting something and got something entirely different. and i'm the opposite of disappointed with it. looking forward to seeing more from you dev :)

you play as jillian and you are basically a "wingman" for the instrument characters, i think. their love interests are jillian's friends. idk the exact pairings but you (jillian) are supposed to help them get with their love interests. 

will this game be released any time soon?

i am too lazy to even try my hand at this but this seems really cool. seems like a lot of time was put into this

the milady killed me lmao. i loved this, really a "kidnapped by a neckbeard" simulator


the thing about the shooting is so real. had it last year during the new a quiet place movie and ended up leaving like 15 minutes in. 

nice story...  but why does the mom dress like that? it's unfortunate

this is still so, so good! very much hoping you do still have plans to continue this one, it's such a gem.

this game really has a lot of potential... stalking (like by an actual human being as opposed to some kind of inhuman monster) is a very real thing and really isn't not done enough in horror games. the cat-and-mouse thing is also very anxiety inducing, as well as the narrow alleyways where one unplanned obstacle could mean the end. good job dev!! looking forward to seeing more if you do plan on continuing this :)

spoiler warning i guess !!

soooo i liked the start a lot... still not sure about the ending. i think you took a more traditional indie horror game route with this, i would've liked it more if it weren't some wendigo type creature as you often see it compelling the dad to do things, but instead the dad himself just being plain evil and having murdered the kid's mom. but that's just personal preference. i still enjoyed it a lot and thought it was pretty well thought-out and interesting with the hidden way to the garage and the keys hidden around. looking forward to seeing more from you dev! 

playing this feels like featuring in a movie. a damn good one. WOW.

i've been waiting for this for so long and to say i'm excited is an understatement. my god! i hope you're doing well dev, by the way! :)

very excited to try out this game from fellow belgian people! i'll be editing my comment once i've played the game, i have very high expectations- this looks really good and original! :)

who is that man? he looks just like me

looking forward oto this so much :) 

LOVED. looking forward to playing the full game one day!! 

the monster gave big gay vibes. so did the mc. loved it 

someone reuploaded this game it seems? it might well be a virus. just wanted to let you know

you're welcome! i'll download it right away, look forward to playing :)

tried downloading but the dropbox gives an error (404), just wanted to let you know :)

ah, i loved this! i adored the other episodes too, so i knew i had to buy it as soon as i saw a new episode was out! 

anyways, the aesthetics of this little game were really nice, really fit the '80s setting, and the soundtrack was very fitting as well! i loved the childish, but very relatable banter between tina and oliver and the commentary oliver provided for the artwork in the house (yuck!) and the branches invading their garden. what will probably stick with me most is the ending! i thought it was really cinematic, really impressive. great job! i look forward to playing the next episode (if you plan on making another one, that is)!! :)

ah this was amazing. a great atmosphere, very much anxiety inducing.

i would love to learn more about conor's backstory (and that of his family), it for sure seems like they have some (dark?) secrets that i'm super curious about now. at the same time though i'm happy you kept this undisclosed - leaves a lot of room for imagination and allows players to think up their own reasonings and stuff. good choice!

anyway, lovely game all in all! i'm looking forward to seeing more from you dev :)

i hated this but only because it's so good lol. absolutely terrifying. thank you for this amazing game!

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ah, i'm so excited for this! the game is beautiful, original and feels like a lot of time, hard work and love went into it. it really shows! i'm very curious about what happened to katie, what's going on with loretta, and even more so i'm super curious about morgan for some reason! they're my favorite for sure~ can't wait to see what direction you go into with the story! 

not bad, i would just pay mind to grammatical errors (and typos?) in the future, maybe reread everything or have a friend read over everything for you to be sure. the concept is cool but not very original. i am looking forward to playing the complete game once it's done, though! good luck!!

not sure if this is still in development, but i do hope so! the concept was very interesting, and i thought the game was quite well written but for the occasional awkward sentence here and there. in any case, if it's still being worked on, i am looking forward to playing the complete game! 

... wow.

this is incredible. my jaw dropped quite a few times. 

Ebon Light remains one of the few games I can play over and over again and sporadically find myself returning to. You can tell that a great lot of effort and love went into making this. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from Underbliss!

this was short, but intriguing (the creature in particular) and well-written. i look forward to seeing/reading/playing more of your work!