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i am... really looking forward to this. the atmosphere and aesthetic are 9999999999/10. can't wait to see more!

... wow.

this is incredible. my jaw dropped quite a few times. 

Ebon Light remains one of the few games I can play over and over again and sporadically find myself returning to. You can tell that a great lot of effort and love went into making this. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from Underbliss!

this was short, but intriguing (the creature in particular) and well-written. i look forward to seeing/reading/playing more of your work!

i'm sorry, but molly looks like a child...

that's very very fast! wow!! thank you for notifying me!

hello! i hope you are well. i was wondering if this game is playable in english as well? 

i think this was made for me... gay and mean looking characters... yes.. thank you for this!

amazing game. beautifully written. 

downloaded this for the artists username alone. super excited to play because i lov cats. 

lowkey sad the shady guy in the library isn’t a LI 👀 he do be very pretty

abandoned studying for my exams to play this game... no regrets. i ended up with vadeyn and absolutely loved it, although i was totally bummed ecarae wasn’t a love interest.