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i really enjoyed this! i was invested in the story, mainly i think bc the characters have a surprising amount of personality (and feel REAL--especially the homeless man, and i thought the store owner was super fun too, the rifle caught me off guard in the best way) for a horror game. well done!! i thought the thing with the missing cat and the sound effects of cats fighting was really cute too. i'm looking forward to seeing what's next for delilah!

i would play the hell out of this game

i think society should have a safe space from weirdos like the people who create & enjoy this content. 

looks a lot like the setting in slay bells... same world/map?

i've been wondering, did you do the voice acting yourself for the protag & the monster? much like the game, it is just phenomenal. 

feels uninspired and unoriginal, like some pornsick weirdo's misogynistic fantasy--nothing new is brought to the table, 15484 game devs and horror movie directors have done this. shame

not bad at all even though its inspiration is pretty obvious. one thing: for the full game i would try to get a friend or someone else who is fluent at english to proofread the text and dialogue. looking forward to it!

the only good part was the bird 

the vibes, the story, the characters... insane. can't wait for this gem to release omg

i love you for making the protagonist a fat kid. there need to be more fat kid protags in horror games.

i'm in love with amaranta, thank you

no, yours. she probably wants to kill herself. 

this is fucking gross

i really liked this. sleazy night clubs / strip clubs / even brothels are a seriously underused setting for horror games imo.  a lot of potential here if you'd work this out, i think. 

danny needs to play this!

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i loved this. thought/hoped vic was gonna be in on it with tate but damn, you made him hot then just killed him off! how... cold of you dev!!!

good game but a shame this whole page is so unoriginal... almost indistinguishable from another dev on here, it's unfortunate

why the schoolgirl outfit? it's weird as fuck.

your fate is in the council's hands now

kinda nuts that the word "woman" isn't included even once when the majority of pregnant "people" is women... but alr

loved this, perfectly describes how i have felt about (boogie)men since i was a child. 

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amber did win the libel case in the uk which was w/ a high court judge. the us case was the one johnny won. which was the one w/ a jury which wasn't even unbiased

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he won a defamation case, not a dv case. he's still a gross wife beater. amber won the one in the UK

imagine thinking in any way it's a good idea to make a joke out of a DV victim

at his big age, too. he should worry about his bills or possible eviction notice instead of making tired ass "amber turd" jokes. 

this is why your videos struggle to get 50 views. corny ass 

you are a liar and identity thief. the authorities have been alerted. 

my favorite game of yours so far, i was confused at first but it all came together nicely! it's always good to see a notification that you've uploaded something, i've never been disappointed :) 

i didn't know what to expect with this game but i feel like it's actually really original! i've never seen a horror game like this. thought it was fun and the characters not being human gave it a nice touch as well! :)

hi, is this still being worked on? i really enjoyed playing the demo and would love to find out what happened, you did a great job at setting the scene :) 

what a lovely game! i'm really surprised and impressed to see this was worked on by 1 person, and such a young one at that! it's crazy. a lot of potential here. i'm already looking forward to your next project :)


i went in expecting something and got something entirely different. and i'm the opposite of disappointed with it. looking forward to seeing more from you dev :)

you play as jillian and you are basically a "wingman" for the instrument characters, i think. their love interests are jillian's friends. idk the exact pairings but you (jillian) are supposed to help them get with their love interests.