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Pretty cool. Although you probably should change the toggle snow button from S to something else because if you play with WASD it's going to keep toggling on and off

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Pretty fun game. Nice plot twist there at the end. :)

Pretty good game. Pixel art was simple but pretty cool. One think I thought could be better if like for example one of the antennas temporary "lost power" so you have to move from one to the other one. Because I feel like staying in place and shooting left or right would be kinda boring. But for a game jam you did pretty well.  :)

Was really confused why you would want to use ZQSD instead of the normal WASD. But saw that you were french and are probably using a french board. So while it seems normal to you to play with ZQSD, on english keyboard it's very weird and hard. It would be very helpful if you can add control change in the game. :)

These link shows what ZQSD is on english keyboard
Link to a english keyboard

Pretty good game. Could be little longer but if it's a prototype then it's fine. Idk if you made the art and sounds yourself but they are also pretty cool. :)

Short but quite interesting, I liked the simple pixel art. There were a couple of bugs like holding W/S glitches the character or sometimes appear underground, and also in my first try I somehow managed to get out of the map and was in a void so I couldn't do anything and I had to refresh the page. You could fix that by adding invisible spikes or somethings outside the map. But other than these little bugs it was a fun game. :)

I noticed that there are only 5 platforms and they keep repeating. If you want it to be more fun to play I would advise you adding something like random platform generator. Just one more script for that and it can make it way more fun. :)

Very interesting. If you added more things like enemies or map it could be pretty good game. Also one of the guns looked like a revolver to me, so if it is a revolver I think it would be quite nice if you added like the spinning chamber sound at the end of reloading. :)

Really good pixel art. It was a good game, but I feel like somethings could be changed. Like I mostly didn't even have to eat or drink. I only used items for health.  Also enemies health bar system was kinda weird. Like I didn't know if it was by color or by length, because it had half a bar left and it died in one shot. But this is a demo so it's not that big of a deal. Either way it's a fun and a great  game. :)

Damn didn't expect the sudden change. Either way it's an amazing game and story. You did a great job. :)

Pretty cool for a first game. I think it would be better if you have put the controls or the point of the game in the description or before the game started. I caught up on the point quickly, but telling them(controls or the point of the game) before hand would be better. Also I think if you can you should probably change the enemies AI. Instead of them just walking in straight lines, it would be better if they went after the player. :)

Pretty amazing game. Really nice pixel art and I liked the end cut scene. Only thing I thought wasn't necessary were the buttons on the left bottom corner showing you what you clicked. But still it's an amazing game, good job. :)

It's pretty cool, especially the pixel art. One thing that would make it better I think would be if there were actually words instead of random letters. But again I've never made a typing game so it might take more time than the time frame of the game jam. :)

Cool game, it's fast paced which I like. Also was going to ask if you made the mirror just for looks, but then I saw that it was the theme of the jam. One thing I would appreciate as a player would be ammo count, but either way it's still a pretty good game. :)

Short but very fun game. Would be better with more hairstyles, but it's fine since it's a game jam. :)

Even though you used Blackthornprod's udemy course, for a first game is actually pretty good. Idk if you made the sprites but they are also good.

I can give you a couple of tips that might make it better.
1. When you start the game it automatically goes to full screen, which is not the worst thing but some people don't always like playing on full screen. (So you should probably add a full screen button instead of automatically going to full screen)
2. The speed of the player and the camera movement are very different, so the player has to wait for the camera to catch up, which camera delay is not bad but when it takes a long time to follow the player is kinda annoying.
3. I think the camera could be little further from the camera.
4. Sometimes there are 0 slimes for 5 seconds and suddenly there comes a wave of 5+ slimes and you can't do anything about it because of as I said the camera follow delay and the camera being to close the the player.
5. The amount of gunshots it takes to kill I slime I think is okay, but as I mentioned before when like 5+ slimes appear It's impossible to kill them fast enough.

Hope this helps :)

Well, I was one of them 

haha yeah, I mean who would be crazy enough to waste their time fishing 1000 fish...


Sadly no. I know this because I actually tried it a year ago when it was first released :( 

Really nice game, you did a great job. 

Also I'm glad that it had a happy ending :)

Damn it, you found a glitch xD . But Good job anyway :D

Really fun. Here is what I made

# Welcome # 1 <tbc> # 2 <say> It's kinda hard, but not impossible#

wow Didn't know that fish could fly :P

( Nice and Simple art style . Nice game , Good job :) )

Nice game . Playing alone was pretty hard but still enjoyed the game .

( The art style and the music are very nice . Good work :) )

Damn . How many hands does this guy have .

Short but Nice game . Keep up the good work :)  )

The game is amazing and also the art style is very nice . Keep up the good work :)

Great game , but I think it would be better if the car was a little bit faster

Cool game , It would be great if you added more levels and items . Keep up the Good work :)

Had a blast playing this game , really enjoyed it . Keep up the good work :D

I can't believe i spent almost 2 hours fishing just to get 1001/1000 fishes :(