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Thanks for sharing! Who are they? Feel free to post a video or link of them

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Fix Gaming Channel (

Before I get into the meat of this update with a bump, I have now gotten my game updates working with the App! Updates are now automatic so you can make sure that you stay on top of Midnight Monitor's development at all times. Also the game NOW HAS A DEMO!

A Big Update

Thank you for everyone who has tried Midnight Monitor! The game since launch has been updated to version and with this comes a HUGE update to two areas of the Modern House level:

The Garden Update

Previously on launch the game had a button for "External" anomalies, however there was no external camera and this only applied to two specific anomalies that could appear outside of the Kids Room and Living Room windows.

This has now changed with the introduction of a completely handbuilt Garden area + Camera:

This garden of course features its own slew of strange happenings, with more to be added in an upcoming update! I've spent a lot of time trying to make the garden attractive and realistic, and just scary enough to keep you on your toes. Let me know what you think when you play it!

If the addition of a whole new camera isn't enough for you, you might want to look into...

The Basement Update

Previously when players would flick through the cameras, it was clear that the Basement was very easily skipped (because it was admittedly almost completely empty!)

However with this new update the basement has gone from this, to this:

The basement is now full of junk and visual noise, so you will need to look closely to see if that picture has moved, or if that radio disappears! Or maybe even if something is lurking way back in the shadows...

As is the ongoing promise with Midnight Monitor, these levels along with the rest of the game will continue to be refined and worked on based on my vision and the community's feedback.

Full patchnotes for (from
  • Added Neighbourhood Watch Concept test/demo house
  • Major refactor of game code to allow for additional levels / scenarios in the future
  • Changed stat storage method to bypass reliance on .NET dependencies (this will reset stats, apologies)
  • Added some rudimentary anomalies to Neighbourhood Watch Concept house (these are currently considered nonfunctional)
  • Neighbourhood Watch Concept house performance optimisation (ongoing)
  • Added Garden camera + Garden area
  • Added anomalies to outdoor area
  • Added some outdoor anomalies to demo mode
  • Extended range of "Dark Mode" flashlight to account for length of Garden
  • Slightly balanced default game difficulty (too many people were winning on their first playthrough!)
  • Added objects (and anomalies) to basement
  • Slightly altered position of Basement Camera
  • Updated demo version of the game to match
  • Increased demo anomalies from 40 -> 50 to account for the added content in Garden + Basement

YouTube Content

The funny thing about being a solo/first time Dev is that nothing makes you happier than seeing someone else playing and enjoying your game, so for those who have played it so far, thank you so much!

Doubly thank you if you have played the game and posted it to your YouTube channel, too! It has been truly amazing being able to see this game come to life with videos and YouTube shorts being posted about it. I've had a ton of fun sitting in on YouTube videos and others playing the game. It has also given me some extra ideas about how the game is being played and what people are enjoying about it.

I want to especially highlight these two videos as they showcase the game very well (one with commentary, and one without):

As I say often, I am always looking for more videos of people playing Midnight Monitor, so if you make one please do post it to the comments on the game's store page!

Thank you again for your support as I work through this launch 😁

Hi Everyone!

If you have a moment please do check out a similar game I've made here:

There is a free demo version and is inspired by the wonderful Alternate Watch as well as Observation Duty as a whole :)

The game has a paid version but there is also a demo version too!

Thank you!

There's a new Garden + Basement update!

(1 edit)

Thank you ☺️ If anyone is looking for something a little unsettling, feel free to check out my game here:

It's an Anomaly reporting game and is being consistently updated.

It'll be 50% off when the sale starts later today, so check it out!

Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know :) I'll look into improving the way I create updates so patches work better for the app.

And thank you again for playing! Please do feel free to reach out at any time if you have any feedback at all

Thank you! Let me know what you think of the changes if you see them!

I'll be updating the game again on Monday hopefully to just add a few more improvements. Do you use the app or do you just download the game from the website?

Thanks for playing!

Hey everyone! I've just released my first ever game after approx. 4 months of development 😁

You can see the launch trailer for it here:

The game is heavily inspired by "I'm on Observation Duty" and "Alternate Watch" which can be found right here on! These games and their mechanics were a fantastic opportunity to learn programming and Unity's object-oriented approach to game development and I hope that the high quality of the game itself shines through both the trailer and in the game itself!

The game is available for purchase here:

Please do stream yourself or record yourself playing it and let me know so I can join in the chat! The game has many secrets and a hidden story to tell which will continue to unravel through content updates and expansions.

If you want to support more of this work please consider a larger purchase price, or alternatively you can become a supporter to my Patreon at where supporters get access to the game itself, to the development archive and to all of my previous WIP builds as the game has been developed.

Please let me know what you think and feel free to email me directly at with any suggestions, bug reports or any other feedback you might have!

Thank you so much :)


Please post all bug reports here using this template if possible:

  • Title:
  • Reproducibility:
  • Steps to reproduce:
  • Expected result:
  • Actual result:
  • Screenshots or videos:
  • Device or platform:
  • Version or build: (This can be found on the main menu and pause screens (e.g. 0.9.5)
  • Additional notes:

Thank you!

This might be the best "Baby in Yellow" video you're going to see.

To be clear, it might not be. But it also might be.

Hello here is Day 14 :3

Much love! Likes and comments and subsbibes as usual please uwu!

Hello beautiful people!

As usual, here we are with yet another Madvent upload! This time it's day 11 and we've gotta face off against the dreaded hand-hounds 💀

Love you all! ❤️

I loved this game and played it live on Stream! You can see it here:

If you're looking for more subscribers, why not check out the #GrowYourAudience Community on Twitter?

The WORST SCARE of my Life #Shorts #Scare #Under #IndieHorrorGame #Scary #Creepy (

Not to be crazy but my video of this game got 2000 VIEWS in 30 minutes somehow??!

Will I EVER Get Better at This?

Thanks to the dev for creating this game. It’s just simple enough to be super easy to pick up, but has enough content to make it nice and compelling to go back to.

Under | A TERRIFYING Game About War & Madness

Park Lane | Man, These Train Delays Are MURDER

Can relate. I rode a train once.

Slender: Mirror World | He Could Be ANYWHERE...

Lilith's Curse 1984 | A Game You CAN'T Win

Hey @Koniipinka! A couple things I wanted to say as I end up being very critical in the video and don’t want to just come across as a dick -

  • The game spends too long in the dark - one hallway of pitch darkness with light at the end would be fine, but the beginning section is a bit much and feels frustrating more than scary. Yes you can follow the signs, but there’s no reason you can’t brighten the game up just enough to be able to see a short distance ahead and to get a vague idea of the level layout.
  • The demo is short, but you NEED to add checkpoints; not only is the beginning not fun to play but doing it a second time is going to turn players off.
  • I don’t know if my game was bugged, but your first enemy encounter with the coffin punishes players for following your instructions. That’s an immediate “turn it off and never play it again” situation that needs to be fixed. You just can’t ship a game that does that. If backing up gets me killed, and hiding in the coffin gets me killed, why would I play the game a 3rd time?

Those are the main 3 things. Your presentation is good and it’s clear you have talent, but your game won’t have the impact you’re looking for if you don’t redesign some elements of it.

And I understand game dev is hard and it’s easy for me to say “this doesn’t work” or “this needs to change” but unfortunately it’s just as important to think of the end user experience in all their ignorance as it is to fulfil your own vision.

But that’s it from me. Keep it up, and hopefully the full release is DARN good!

I'm so ready for spider mommy

Haha definitely trying my best! Thanks for the kind words 😁

Banging game! 10/10 kick me again, daddy

The world deserves more people like you 🥺💜

Wanna experience a British guy complain about all of the things that aren't quite right in this game?

JK. It's VERY good.

i have seen the face of god

A NEW Analogue Horror! | Murder in the Dark

The only thing more horrifying than this game is my face

Thanks I hated it. Backrooms plus Mr. Clean = I'd rather no clip out of existence

Super well made, thank you for the scares!

This was back from the Halloween update, but I need more views, and if I get more views the baby will stay happy and compel me to record another video of the latest updates :)

The most amazing thing about this game is that I can afford an adorable little condo like this. 10/10 would accept getting murdered for it.

Stargazing 64 reminded me of the hit Nintendo 64 classic "Waveracer"