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This was really cute! I especially like the pronoun pin, it's a good idea and I like how the sprite changes in the inventory!

This was cute! I enjoyed it! The use of Game Boy Camera photos was a neat touch!

This was cute! I liked it! Especially all the terrifying penguin art!

Thanks! And yeah, kingfishers are amazing! But they probably don't eat burgers in real life!

Thank you! Your Stevens games were actually a partial inspiration for this, so it means a lot to me that you took the time to play it!

Thank you very much! Those pixels took a lot of work, I'm glad they were worth it! 😂

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I'm glad this is relatable and it's not just me that is constantly playing this game! 🤣

This was really fun! One of the best GB Studio games I've played, an absolute treat! Great art, great dungeon and puzzle design. You really nailed the Link's Awakening aesthetic, but made it your own! I can't wait for your next game, and I would 100% buy a physical release in future.

I've played basically every homebrew Game Boy platformer I can find. This one is the absolute best. I love it! Specifically, I love how it gives off strong Super Mario Land vibes despite being entirely its own thing, with slick controls and a real sense of challenge and danger. Absolutely phenomenal, a very well made game!

Wow, thank you so much for not only playing, but seeking out every ending (especially since the big ending choice is right at the end of the game)!

I will say, the Disney cartoons have their charm, but it's clear that a lot gets lost in translation with these books. I'm definitely more a fan of the books than the cartoons!

I can only apologise for making the choices in the story so mean, that's on me, not on you! If anyone is a bad person it's the person who made you choose in the first place! Sorry about that!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad to know that you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much!

It's really wonderful to hear the the game resonated with you. To be honest, even up until submitting this (and afterwards!) I wasn't sure if I even had anything with this. I knew the themes and story were important to me, but, especially as it's a visual novel and not a more widely loved genre, I really didn't have any reason to think that anyone else would "get" what I was going for.

It means more than you know to hear that you got what I was going for with this. Thank you!

Thank you! I'm personally not sure which really is the harsher option to be honest, I distinctly remember getting to the end of the writing process, sitting back, and thinking, "Wow, what have I done?!"

Thanks very much for playing, and thank you so much for your feedback! I think you're right, the backgrounds need work to help make everything stand out a bit better, and the gameplay is a little overly simple. I'll definitely bear this in mind for the future, thank you!