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Had a similar idea, cool to see it made! Looks like I got fired on my first day but then still offered tacos at least! :)

Your game is quite literally like trying to herd cats! Nice job on the aesthetics!

One of my teammates had this idea too and definitely saw the potential! We ended up going with a different concept, but great to see it made by somebody else!

One of my ideas with "Limited Space" made me think of limited hard drive space but didn't end up pursuing the idea. Cool to see limited RAM space game.

Cool idea!

Nice art!

Good job when restricting yourself to limited resolution!

Great job on the ultra cute art!

Interesting post mortem! :)

Fun retro arcade style game, I like how it shoots automatically with rapid fire without requiring a button press, and that there is a dedicated strafe button. The pixel art is also charming and the item pickups are fun!

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We later found out that Flatland VR has been featured in a few videos :) This one does a good job of showing our prototype from the weekend game jam: 

I really love your authentic approach so far, looking forward to it! :) Out of curiosity, has anybody done an approach that is similar to the 3D Classics on the Nintendo 3DS, where the sprites are still flat just have different depths for 3D TVs/monitors?

@geod, where is the link to the finished profile?

This file is currently removed from Dropbox, can you re-upload?

This file is currently removed from Dropbox, can you re-upload?

Impressive for a few hours work, good job! :)