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I'll give it a shot on real hardware and see how it goes :).

So far, so good!

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Yeah, a little bit of everything - from simple, short tracks to longer, more complex ones.
Having the source files also helps so you can adjust everything to your needs.
Thanks for your support!

LOL Who'd thought you'd target the Cheetah Men!?
You're full of - great - surprises Wilson!
I'm sure this will kick ass - just like all your releases!
Thanks for this!

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Glad you found peace and inspiration through the making of this game. I find it fantastic.
The art is gorgeous.
And it's very simple - so it gets addictive.
Thank you for this!
Don't worry, Syd remains and will remain always by your side. :)

GB Studio is the best!

Great game! Thanks for your support!

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Thanks a lot!
If you ever need exclusive tracks reach me out via email.

A great experience. Congratulations.
Very Shadowgate-esque vibe, but in horror.

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Thank you so much!
I'm happy these songs helped you.
Yes, writing music can be as complex as your own GB Studio project...!
Thanks for your support!
Reach me out via email  if you are in need of   a few exclusive additional  songs.

I have experienced the freeze multiple times when playing in the    browser.
In the PC works fine - never saw it.

A new, fresh and fantastic rogue-lik e proposal for Game Boy. Proudly built in GB Studio. And featuring music of mine! ;)

Wow! These are fantastic!
Gives me some ideas for new GB Studio games!

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Thanks for your comments!
Please reach me at discord - Mr_V.

Sure! Go ahead! You can use these songs for any purpose. Thanks!

Your games, fantastic as always!
Thanks for making it available!

It was high! I got many of the quick-running humans :)
I will re-play again and save it for sure!

Really addictive! Managed to run through the 3 levels!
Very good!

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Hi Marco!
Thanks for the collaboration!
Enjoyed adding tunes to your game!
Really addictive - gorgeous background graphics!
I really want to see some abduction here!! ;)

Looks very C-64! Nice job!

Thanks for the collaboration Dan!
Really enjoyed adding tunes here.
And the game, turned out fantastic.
Definitely one of my favorite games for GB!

Nice idea! Keep it up :).
I like the music.

Has this Shadowrun vibe :)))
Love it.
Well done!

Looks great!

Thanks anyway.

Looks great!

May I have the soundtrack for this?
Tunes are great!

No, everything's fine...I  can't seem to reproduce what you describe...?
Hopefully the .mod files are fine :))).

Put the songs to a good use!

Mmmh...let me check the source code again - perhaps I  have an issue when attaching scripts to buttons.


Nice work -  very original!

I  see.
There might be a work around...

There seems to be a bug - in the first stage - The Arena.
Once I killed all Burwors, and the Garwords appeared, I killed the first, and once the 2nd one appeared, it seemed to run over one of the doors that warp you to the either side of the map, and disappeared to never appear again...and the game just stuck there...

Looking great! Great level of detail and the story around Entomology sounds fantastic.
I remember when I was a little kid - part of my professional career would be "entomologist". :P

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.

I have tested both the rom  and the online web version and I think it's working fine.
Both tracks are different.
Perhaps they sound very much alike to you? :)

All I read sounds fantastic.
Will try this one!
Well done!

I realize the soundtrack had very low volume.
I fixed this and replaced all soundtrack files.

Looks great! Thanks!