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A fantastic delivery as always.
Can feel the improvement over the first one - this definitely feels more balanced, and now it has a more intelligent replay value.
Of course, and, as always, music and graphics are, majestic.
While I understand the mechanics for food and felt a little annoying going back and forth between the rooms and the vote is to have automatic food consumption. The use of potions can be left manual as it still works for the strategy.
Just thoughts...
But overall loved the game!

Any chance you could provide the sountrack?

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Simply amazing.
And I'm so glad it still runs pretty decent in my old machine.
Thanks for this fantastic experience.  Immersive, original,  and galactic. Loved the atmosphere.
A very well designed and balanced game - finished on basically the very first run (though I ran  a  couple of quick tries just to figure   out the first town).
An unexpected and touching ending.
Great work, and definitely worth the money  - would love to see more of this universe.

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Got your email - will reply ASAP.

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Hello Jorge! Thanks for  using my tunes!

Awesome! Thanks!

Fun game! Thanks for using my tunes!

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Thanks man!
Send me an email,   if you ever  need custom music!

Wow! This is fantastic!
Visually stunning and very smooth game play.
Very well done!

You can still play around with different backgrounds, different  enemies, different story.
For a game boy game, this is it - believe me.
Add a couple more items...
You can still play around with the basic formula - this is what most gb games do after all :)))
Anyway, you proved the concept and made a fun game - so objective reached!

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I tried the browser version and it just gets stuck in the title...the rom plays fine.

Nevermind - it worked now.


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A great idea implemented in a fantastic way.
The game plays very good - I really enjoyed playing it.
Hope you continue with this as this shows GREAT potential.
I would definitely support in the future.
Great SFX.
Thanks for using my tunes as well!

Great idea! Well done!

Love this one! Good work! Controls feel great!

Oh, you got it - I  had disabled that setting. Will try again!

These are fantastic - however it looks like they demand a powerful computer.
I have had this idea in mind for a while. Glad to see it coming to life!
Lots of great titles to emulate.

Wow, looks great!
This can certainly grow to a fantastic concept.

Nice to play - love the art!
Well done!

Nice! Well done!

Looks promising!

Thanks for your reply!
Sure, I will let you know if everything went well

Will this work by creating a custom NES cart - say with a proper donor cart?
Which mapper is suitable?

Very interesting idea!

GB Studio forever!

I'm glad! Thanks for using my music!

Fun game! Nice mechanics!

Love the art! Well done!

Looking great!
Thanks for using my tunes.
Will give it a shot!

Will this run on a Classic GB / DMG?

Sent email.
Will delete your post to protect your email address.
Thanks for reaching out.

Thanks to you Raj! It's great that you use my music!

Thanks for using my music!
So happy!
Will give your game a proper try!

Wow! Thank you! I'm honored!
You have worked so hard on your ports and well - again I'm really honored and happy to support you!

Nice little Game!
Thanks for your support!

Interesting concept!
Great atmosphere!
Well done!

Hey, thanks for your comments.
Can I have your email so we can discuss?

Thank you for your comments and for your support!
So happy you liked the tunes.
About the SFX -  in fact - that's a project I've been after for a while...
I  thought about doing a reference sheet to achieve simple sound effects using GB Studio's built in  beep and notes events.
There are nice possibilities just by playing with the pitch and notes...
Once I have  a free spot I will work on that.
Thanks again!
Your pixel art rocks btw!

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Thanks for using my tunes!
Thanks for your support as well!
Your game looks good - will certainly give it a try :).

Excited to play this.
You're one of my favorite authors out there.
We have a similar taste!

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Hey! This is nice!
Definitely some of our younger fellas  never had the chance to experiment this experience - it really was fun.
Very well made - perhaps you could create the complete experience   of taking the video home,  watch it, and return it back. Perhaps you could add some  situation s to solve before being able to watch it, and set some kind of deadline. I remember times when things happened and you 'd just need to return the movie back , without playing it  XD.
And - thanks for your support!