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Quite hard one!
Just like most Commodore games lol.

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Hi - can you write me to v at becomingthebeast dot com?

You play as a drone! Great idea! :)

Great work!

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I tried to add a new Elemental Soul order configuration - but I seem to have reached the maximum code allowed in a Scene according to GB Studio.
I'm having the feeling that R29 might be the very last version to be released.

It's nice!
I had thought about this idea as well.
I think this can work - well done!

Love the atmosphere.
Darkness and despair.
I think the floor could be re-worked so other things are clearer to see and identify.
But overall, great!

Very nice! Good job!

Will do! Thanks a lot!

Sure I do. Many GB DMG units here.
I use a modded cart using a flash memory adapter by JRodrigo and its cart flasher.
Works very good!

Sounds great - I  really need a rom version - I love testing in the real hardware! OLD IS KOOL!

Amazing progress!
Can't wait for the final version.


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Yep, music is great!

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I found difficulty just right.
The most that bothered me is the long text for some actions...
Like, for the summon...instead of "you don't have this and that, and you can't do it", I'd just skip showing that option to the player.
It's best if you keep short text - one button tap, instead of two.
But it's just my opinion.
Perhaps in the end of a battle, a long summary would also be nice...
I really enjoyed what I played!

Hey, is there a way I can have the .gb file?
I'd like to play this on my flashcart.

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Very nice. Reminds me of the Sword of Hope series.
This has a lot of potential - I like the feeling of randomness in text and actions...kind of "unexpected"...but it's the usual flow of a common, sell...
Very good work.