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Hi, thanks a lot! Here's a link to the game:

Thanks so much for this tool, I made all the UI of my game using it :)

Hi, really appreciated the overall experience,


- The mouses keep attacking the player after the game stops

- The game would benefit from some variety in sound design (random pitch and volume in range for sfx)

- Game needs a little work on the movement, there's a great free "game" from Mark Brown that could help you balance your 3Cs - This last advice is probably not that good but I think it would be great to add some silly stuff in the game like laser eyes for the cat or something…

Guess who just beated the world record?

This is a great game! Love the art, the music, the game feel... Keep it up! (it is just missing a score system)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

I laughed when I first saw the name of the game but it is actually really deep and meaningfull
Didn't expect this, I'm pleasantly surprised

Yesterday, I went home at 6 p.m. and left at 7 a.m. this morning to hit the road. A normal person would have slept, but I couldn't. I had received so much feedback (not that much, but enough to make the game significantly better) that I couldn't do anything but work on my game.

I didn't sleep at all, but I think it actually paid off, and I'm really happy with how the game turned out. Here is the list of the improvements and bug fixing I did yesterday:

  • Added A&D inputs to change columns.
  • MADE THE GAME WAYYYY EASIER by scaling the bird down so we can see the pipes better.
  • Added background music.
  • Made the pipes of the other columns disappear when you pass one so you don't die because you changed columns too quickly.
  • Added a pause-options menu with sound settings (music and sfx volume bars) and an option for windowed mode.
  • Added credits menu.
  • Fixed the bug that made you jump when you pressed the left key and were already on the left (same for the right side).
  • Fixed the bug that awarded you a point every 50 meters for no reason and made you lose your perfects.

Without all of your comments, I wouldn't have been able to make the game so good, so thanks so much again!

I still didn't have the time to do everything I wanted, so here is a list of things I plan on adding to the game:

  • Adding an online leaderboard.
  • Adding some variety in environments (meadow, city, volcano, desert...).
  • Finding a better fit for the menu music; right now, it feels like it's a fishing game until you press play.
  • Adding a menu that explains the controls.
  • Remaking the branding and a trailer for
  • Making an Android version since it is a short game, and the controls are already implemented for this platform (swipe and jump with touch input).
  • Optimizing the shader, which requires too much computing power for mobile.

Anyway, please check out the game (even if you already did); the game really feels 10 times better :)

Great work! I would love to see a full release :)

I had a great time playing the game!

Right now, the chef looks like the left one (kinda) but it doesn't really fits the rest of the art (kitchen aso..) I thought maybe smoothing the chef like in the center would help but if it was intended, maybe using ico spheres instead of UV spheres (right chef) would fix the problem since the tomato is made from an ico sphere too

Hi, it was very nice to play your game. It looks and sounds really good and it's evident that there's great potential in it.

One tiny suggestion would be to incorporate movement with the AD keys but otherwise I'm struggling to come up with any other improvements for the game as it is so polished.

Looking forward to seeing more content exciting content in the future!

Great game! I had a lot of fun playing it!

- The art style is clean (I love the menus)

- The music really fits the game

- The tomato is very fun to control

- The text bubbles add a lot to the game

- Although you can grab them, I find it really fun to just push chefs and make them roll to the put.

You should just try to smooth your models in blender (right-click, shade smooth)

I know... I didn't really think about playtest before the jam, just made 5 people test it and called it a day😂
I'll make the game easier as soon as I get back :)

Hi, thanks for playing! I'll work on that as soon as possible

Thanks for the bug reporting, I didn't really know about this issue before. It will be a quick fix.

And I'll try to disable collisions of the other pipes for half a sec like you said

I'm glad you liked the game :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  • I’ll try to change the speed of the bird when falling, I just don’t want him to feel floaty. Maybe wing animations could reduce this feeling
  • There’s a phrase that I didn’t really understand as I don’t speak english so well. I tried to translate it with google but it doesn’t really make sense. “Other rows of pillars distract from the main goal, I would suggest to use them more intensively from the start to "sell" the 3D aspect of the game better.”
  • About repetitiveness, maybe a day/night cycle or selecting a random biome at every game could fix the issue? (meadow, city, volcano, desert...) It would take a really long time to do this so I'm not sure if I will. But if I get feedback from other people who think it would be worth the effort, I would definitely work on that!

I’m glad to see you enjoyed the game, an update should come within about 3 weeks so don’t forget to check out :)

Hi, thanks a lot for playing the game! I'm glad to hear that you made it that far :) Most of the people I asked to test it didn't reach 20. Now, about your feedback:

  • As the game was meant to be played in really short sessions, I didn't really think about implementing a pause menu, but now that you mention it, it seems pretty obvious that the game would benefit from it.
  • For the options and controls, I guess everything should fit in the pause menu without making it too overwhelming. I'm just a bit worried that changing the ratio of the window might completely break the UI, so I'm not sure if it will be something doable. But I will try.
  • About the lack of music, I felt like something was missing, I just couldn't tell what! I guess that's it haha. Anyway, I just found the perfect track, so it won't be a problem real soon.

Thanks again for your feedback. I'm not home right now, but I will update the game as soon as I get back :)

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Thanks for checking the game, I'll add to AD keys and try things to fix the bad readability. I won't be back home before 2 weeks but I'll try to update the game as soon as possible

Loved the game, (i did 7200pts)
I have nothing negative to say, I just love it

Can't wait to see that! (but don't crunch too much, it's not healthy)

We had the same idea for the hat!😂

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That was so much fun to play! I love puzzle games and making art so it just felt like it was made for me.

There is a lot of potential, you should totally do a full release!

Anyway that's how it ended up looking for me, don't worry about his hat, its just a tampon... for paper...

Here is my list of possible improvements for your game:

  • I didn't really understand the cutscenes until I read the story. Maybe some audio could have helped.
  • It is hard to understand why you die. You should definitly add a health bar
  • The game is a little too punitive. Sometimes you manage to get to a green surface before dying and you die on it without understanding why.
    If there is some kind of health system in the game, when the player gets on a platform, you should give back enough of his health so he doesn't die. Then you slowly fill the health bar as he stays on the platform.
  • Finally, when you finally manage to move fast enough, you get to the end in 10secs. You should try to make the game way simpler at start and you get to the current  difficulty at the end of the game.

Sorry if I was too direct, I like when people are frank with me so I tend to be that way with others. I hope it will at least help you get better at game dev :) Keep it up!

Just the best game I'v ever played

I love the player movement, it is really responsive and I started to get speed at my second game although i don't usually play platformers so you did a very good job at making it intuitive.
If you could improve your game on one thing it is by changing the dotted texture. It is not shocking but it doesn't really fit with the rest of the art style in my opinion.
Anyway really cool game👍

Hey there! The game looks really good but the tutorial is 1/12th of the screen on the web version and I can't read it. Right now without the tutorial I don't understand a lot but tell me if you fix the issue, i would love to understand your game a little more :)

Hey! Really cool game! I would just add a bit of screenshake when the player does a perfect. It always makes a game more satisfying

Hey there! The game is really fun but the tutorial is way too long. You should make it twice shorter and make the timer of the first level start when the tutorial is finished.
Otherwise the concept is really original and I would love to see a more polished version of the game:)

Really cool game, I loved playing it, keep it up!

Hey really cool game, there is a lot of potential :) I just struggled when I had to open the door with the key. In this kind of games, people don't really take time to read all the text properly so I didnt know I had to press E. You should probably make the space key and left click do the same thing as the e key at this moment
Otherwise it was really fun to play your game, keep it up

Hey, I great game, i like the way that the snake moves👍

Amazing game, keep it up!

Thanks, also just tried your game, it was pretty cool too👍

Thanks, i will keep working on it

Nice one, and even if there is no gameplay, i still had fun trying to overlap perfectly an other npc

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Just found the game in a folder named "videogames" on my computer.
Just love it!!!! Apparently I already commented on it but just wanted you to know that I would totally buy it if there were more levels.
The game feel, the animations, the ambience... everything is perfect. keep working on it!

Wow this game is really cool !
U definitely should create a mobile version, everyone would play it

Thank you so much! I've been looking for arcade game sounds for 1 hour and thanks to you I generated everything in 10 minutes, I love it

The idea of having to go in puddles to maintain your frog alive is amazing.

And the music.. Just incredible