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Just a comment to say thank you for these wonderful tools.  Every update makes me happy.  Thanks as always. <3

I like the individual buildings in VG compared with MFCG's blocks and would like to see the trees in MFCG too.  However, it's more the other way round i.e. bring castles/churches/plazas/citadels etc. into VG.  And also have it link to and from Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.  Thanks for asking. :-)

<3 the fields, they add another dimension.  If this could be merged with MCG I'd be overjoyed.  Having said that, it must be difficult for you when lots of people ask for just that little bit more... so I will be happy with what you have already created.

So cool! <3 more random imagination fodder from you.

Your sense of humour and world view never cease to entertain and enlighten me. What a treat!

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Loving the palettes, trees and the island generator.  And the lights! POIs will be wonderful when they arrive too. Torn between this and perilous shores for my favourite... Thanks so much for these, they are such great places for my imagination to play.

The new options are great.  My 11 year old son has exported 'his island' into procreate and is now colouring it and making stories for our family campaign.

This is wonderful. You've pretty much covered all the mapping I will ever need now.  The aesthetic is just lovely. Simple clean lines with all relevant information.  If you are taking requests I would love you to work more on this. :-)

Hi there, thanks for your message.  You are fine to use the tiles in anything you create for personal or commercial use.  If you are selling your creation please ensure the buyer cannot access my original source files for Hex Kit.  You don't have to credit me as the tile creator, but it would be nice if you did. :-)

Also, please share what you've created. I love to see what other people make. :-)

First time jammer here but long time lover of hexes.  I have been working on a Ultra Violet Grasslands colour palette inspired hex set for Hex Kit recently so hope to get it finished in time to submit.

That would be amazing! Thanks again watabou! I really love the layouts this generates.  Mixing the sizing paramaters produces so may different settlement sizes, it's fantastic.  In particular, a large map with a high population density produces some amazing looking towns and small cities perfect for world building and map making.

Could it even tell just us how many buildings there are?  That would be a big help!

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This is such a great app, I think I might like it almost as much as MFCG.  Thank you for all you do!  If you're taking suggestions for additions I would really love to be able to ask for a specific number of buildings.  I realise it may be an emerging property but it would be SO useful when trying to build fantasy settlements to suit population sizes.  Then I just need to add the right number of the right kind of businesses. :-)

Thanks Jake, that's awesome to hear!

I am really enjoying this game, it hits so many sweet spots for me so thank you for continuing to develop it.  I am so glad the Kickstarter has already met your goals. :-)

A request please... I run the program windowed and keep hitting the top right x thinking I am closing a window within the game.  But then I find out I have closed the game completely.  With no save. :-(  Could it prompt to save when closing please?  Or auto save every x minutes.  Dumb mistake on my part of course, but I've done it 3 times now and lost all Dondarian's hard work.

Many thanks!