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I don't really know what to think about this. It's so simplistic it's almost a stretch to call it a game...

Incredibly unique game. This game did an amazing job at incorporating this Game Jam's theme, "only one" by giving you one bomb. It's the type of thing that sets this game apart from the rest.

Here's one thing I had a gripe with: visual clarity. I don't know if it's just me, but it was kinda hard to know which is which in the very last level. I couldn't really differentiate the background from the foreground, and it felt odd. I feel like, in general, the background (specifically the windows, pipes, and the pencil shaped objects) should appear faded so it looks like it's in the background and is uninteractable, since it became confusing to play the last level when it was like that.

Other than that, it's a really great game! I enjoyed how well-thought the level design is and the thought process that went behind the levels. Really unique game with really good level design too.

This game is pretty tough, and I've really only gotten to around 80% finished, so I'm gonna judge on that.

The game as a whole is pretty good. It oozes charm and it gives really good visual and audio cues (it even shows how the bullet charges at the beginning). There are even some small details that I noticed that adds to this game's charm. As well, this is a really interesting take on the "only one" theme. My only gripe with it is how the bullet acts in its other form. It goes a lot faster and charges a lot more often, so I find that it's even hard to react to. It sort of feels unfair, especially with how it can almost turn on a dime when touching the wall while the player has to keep its momentum. Anyways, this is a pretty solid game. It's a nice and short one, and it keeps interest by having two forms.

As much as I like how the menu gives a sneak peak into how the shield works, I just feel like it was way too confusing to have to hold space to select an option.  As much as it fits the theme of using only one button, I don't think it should apply to the menu. It makes navigating a lot harder than it should be. 

Anyways, to the meat of this game, it just feels rather odd controlling the spaceship. First off, the ship always has this up and down motion. It's rather hard to get used to since the shield follows the ship wherever it goes. It just feels that you are not in control because you can't control the ship even though it's constantly moving. Secondly, the way the shield rotates... it's a bit disorienting trying to have it go the right direction. Every time you press the space bar, it ends up going the opposite way each time. While it's really not a bad thing, there's no clear indication as to which way it will go and it combined with the constant moving ship creates an uncomfortable experience. I think that using one button to control the shield could be a potentially good idea, but the game also needs make the player feel in control.

This is a neat little game. I adore the idea of having a one-dimension view, and this game is one of the few that I found so far that played with this idea. As for the content, the puzzles are straightforward. You find coins and to get them, you travel around walls. The gameplay is a bit barebones, and I feel there needs to be more than just walls that can obstruct the player, whether it is walls that require a key to pass through, things that move the player or can be moved by the player, or things that can harm the player and reset the level. Adding walls to help "guide" the player can do a great deal to make sure that the player doesn't feel lost, as well as making sure that the player can't go to areas you don't intend for them to be such as behind the map. Finally, for a puzzler that has heavy emphasis on map exploration, I feel like the scrolling speed should be bumped up quite a bit or controllable by the mouse because it felt like it took too long to scroll through the entire map to understand it. Otherwise, this looks like a really promising game. It has a good foundation, but it just needs to be fleshed out more to make it more interesting.

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Really great idea for this year's Game Jam! It's pretty good, but I feel it needs more visual clarity. For example, I don't really like how the game (for the first two levels) entice you to go into the pits by putting in a chest or a character to teach you to use r to reset. It's not even a game-changing mechanic, so I don't think it needs to be "taught" in the first place. Putting a reset button (with hotkey r) in the corner is a simple yet effective way of showing the mechanic, and there's really not much to it. There's also the rotational buttons and the portals. For the rotational buttons, there really needs to be something, maybe different coloured blocks, to show the player which blocks are rotated in the first place. As for the portals, there needs to be some consistency as to which portal goes to where. The last level featured three yellow portals and it just needs to show that the yellow portals on the left both lead to the one in the air (another thing is about that level is that if you hold left when you start, you die on the spikes near the red portal, and I think that it needs to be tweaked a bit to avoid that). Other than that, I really dig the idea of a platformer using only one jump and I like how it's implemented in this game.

Very very interesting. Pretty easy to understand and control. I really like how it even gives a sound effect when you're spotted by an enemy so you have some way to gauge the environment. I think it's a bit too difficult since you can't see the walls and the enemies at the same time. You can probably make the walls (yellow) visible on other colours so you can see where you're going or make the enemies more easy to avoid by making its movement more predictable. Either way, this is a pretty interesting take on the Game Jam theme, and I really like it.

This is a pretty nice and short game. The interactivity with objects in the environment is really cool. I like the idea of how it incorporates the Game Jam theme, but it also feels ridiculously easy with how often you get straights and flushes. I feel that the rules of poker need to be modified slightly to accommodate for the single card you receive so that there are higher stakes.

Really nice game and an interesting way to incorporate the theme from this year's Game Jam. Controls are simple and easy to understand and I really like how you made the dots represent how many jumps you have left. The game feels good to control and the platform positions feel fair. Good submission!

Pretty interesting game, as uninspiring as it is. The controls are good and functional. The level design probably needs some work though. For example, the levels feel like it has much things in it that it doesn't have a particular set of direction. It feels a bit cluttered since large parts of levels are often just not used. Either way, it looks pretty good for an early submission.