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Hah, thought you might like that. You can also use Q and E to roll normally.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we noticed the glitches too and it's on our todo list. Better sounds than the ones I made in asfxr too, hah.

Also, next time you play, try holding shift and hitting A or D, you'll enjoy it. :)

Crazy fun! I really liked the way you used the audio and how the background beat changed as you progressed. Spikes sometimes felt like their hitboxes extended a bit further than I'd expect though. Awesome job

I had a lot of fun playing this! After awhile I'd just see how far I could get without looking at the game and just listening (not far), and it was fun. I'd get annoyed every now and then when it looked like I was fine in the middle of the canyon but they moved down faster than I went horizontally and they'd run into me. Great game though!