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Glad to hear that you鈥檒l get to rest soon bro :3馃憤馃徏

Oh that sounds pretty cool bro

Ahh okkk. Hope that goes well for you then

Also keep up the good work! And good luck with those taxes :3馃憤馃徑

Just wondering, but will the updates be added to the game soon?

I honestly love this game so much. I love all the characters and how they interact with each other. For most of the game Creed had my heart, but wow that ending broke me. I teared up a bit from it <3

Thanks for the summary! I hope you manage to reach all your goals soon :3馃憤馃徑

You鈥檙e doing great! Keep up the good work and rest when you need it :3馃憤馃徑

You鈥檙e doing great bro! Keep up the good work :3馃憤馃徏

Bro I鈥檓 worried about you. I鈥檓 grateful for your updates, even if you don鈥檛 make any progress in the game I鈥檓 just happy to hear from you. I hope this year is kinder on you and you manage to find more joy in everything. As excited I am to play this game, I just want to know you鈥檙e doing well in life. Even if it means sleeping well, eating enough, and hydrating. Take care and hope you enjoy this new year. Happy New Years bro.

Ok so wow, I regret playing this at night, but really scary! Great job bro

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Bro don鈥檛 worry about it, everyone needs to take a break. You鈥檙e doing great already. Just focus on getting that all that well deserved rest!

Ngl, this was fun to play.

I appreciate you wanting to prioritize quality! I can鈥檛 wait to play the finished product that you envision! Don鈥檛 forget to take care of yourself :3

Can鈥檛 wait to play it ^w^

Bro this was really fun to read. Glad that everything worked out in the end too.

Wow. I didn鈥檛 expect to get my heart ripped to shreds from this. Really liked it 10/10

Thanks bro ^w^

Ngl I wasn鈥檛 expecting this to be so wholesome. I liked that I could change my genitals too. Honestly I just liked being called bro

Really liked this! It was super cute~

Make sure to take breaks when you can. It鈥檚 ok to be in a slump every now and then.

This sounds great! Can鈥檛 wait to play again :D

Ngl I wasn鈥檛 expecting this to be pretty wholesome. The art and sex scenes were fun of course, but my favorite part of this game would be the dynamic of the group. I love Queen鈥檚 motherly like nature and how she looks out for everyone. Suki鈥檚 playful personality is great and I love her mother-daughter dynamic with Queen. Exsca was suprisngly adorable, loved how clueless she could be at times and still be friends with everyone, my favorte scene with her vacation. Scarlet was great, love her confidence and how she carries herself. I loved how Ardura was ready to protect her friends at any moment. And Natasha was nice, to be honest I wasn鈥檛 really attached to her but she was ok. Anyways this was a great game! Glad I played it :)

I wish all of you the best, and to take your time. Make sure to rest often, eat well, and hydrate often. And once again I hope you all have a great day and peaceful future.

You鈥檙e doing great! Make sure to rest, drink water, and eat well!

Pat pat. Take it easy you鈥檙e doing great! Make sure to take care of yourself!

Wishing you the best! Hope you get to rest as well :3


Ok wow, I liked this more than I thought I would! Quinn is a sweetheart <3

Get all the rest you need! I hope you enjoy your holidays!

TBH I can鈥檛 get past the first one D: I think my definition of NSFW and Normal are too different and I can鈥檛 tell if animals would count as models or 鈥極ther鈥.