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Very Cool Card Games

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Png's are a good suggestion. Will work on it. 

I'm also at work making more tiles. 

Thank you for you kind words! 

Thank you!! :D

Love it!

I deleted my previous project, it was already getting too convoluted. Thought up a much simpler game last night and worked it out today.

Check my submission: 3x3 CCG Battle

And removed the first idea just was not working for me. Got a better idea now, much simpler and should work easier with more CCG cards!

Sounds like a fantastic idea! I'd get me pack from TGC for sure

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The not a Game Jam Game Jam 2020 inspired me to hypothetically make an expansion for Sci-Fi CCG Redux 🤣

Thank you. Made the project..narrowed it down to 4 Sci-Fi themed dead CCG's, which I'll be mixing up to make a new game :D

Never heard of Catalyst before joining this jam. Your project sounds fun! I'll be checking out Catalyst and your expansion. 

Good luck!

Just learned about this jam, really excited. As a big fan/collector of vintage ccg's I am thinking about making a complete new way to play with existing cards from a dead ccg.