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Nice, This plays tight! This is really good shooting game design you've got going here. Really good art style too. All around a very competent stg here in a game jam. Red Bumblebee Gaiden is a short, quick blast to play.

There's unfortunately a score bug for me (linux) that the score is not actually reset after starting a new run. The old score will carry over and you can continuously increase it.

Very fun game, with simple, appealing graphics! I'm quite a fan of Robotron 2084 and found this to be a great expansion on Robotron's formula. Linux version works great! Well done!

Got done with the demo, good stuff! I like the screen spin mechanic, I've been curious what a bullet hell shmup would be like with 'Gyrus' or 'Tempest' spin mechanics. I think you pulled it off quite well. With more arenas/bosses and some light story & I think you'll have quite a fine full game. Looking forward to it if you continue development.

I was pretty satisfied with the challenge, but as stated in some other comments, don't be afraid to bump the difficulty up just a bit for later bosses.

My one real gripe is the mouse - seems kind of unnecessary gameplay wise and not great for use with control pads or arcade sticks (which can offer finer control than keyboard for tight bullet dodging.) Maybe have an limited lock-on feature that encourages players to spin the screen towards the target?

Also, the Linux build runs fine; was able to get through the whole game no problem.

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A truly phenomenal shoot ‘em up game. As a shmup enthusiast I highly recommend ZeroRanger to newbies and veterans alike. Excellent in all regards!

I notice a few comments about a Linux version. As someone who daily drives a Linux machine, I understand, but don’t let that deter you from experiencing this truly great game. For the meantime without a native port, there are a number of options for running ZeroRanger on Linux:

I was able to get the game running great in wine, which is how I regularly play the game. The wine setup for ZeroRanger is pretty simple, and I wrote some documentation on how to do it on the Wine Application Database here:

I am not familiar with Lutris, but they have a page for ZeroRanger:

The game also works well in proton, though I have noticed a slight input lag increase running it through proton vs running in wine: