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A truly phenomenal shoot ‘em up game. As a shmup enthusiast I highly recommend ZeroRanger to newbies and veterans alike. Excellent in all regards!

I notice a few comments about a Linux version. As someone who daily drives a Linux machine, I understand, but don’t let that deter you from experiencing this truly great game. For the meantime without a native port, there are a number of options for running ZeroRanger on Linux:

I was able to get the game running great in wine, which is how I regularly play the game. The wine setup for ZeroRanger is pretty simple, and I wrote some documentation on how to do it on the Wine Application Database here:

I am not familiar with Lutris, but they have a page for ZeroRanger:

The game also works well in proton, though I have noticed a slight input lag increase running it through proton vs running in wine: