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verity v. lee

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A festering, nasty world couched in ornate language -  certainly an intriguing world to explore.

i found more dead ends: do you remember where you encountered this?

Ah, in the original AGBIC/A Game By Its Cover jam, there were a few games using the same cover.

The other version? Which version are you referring to?

aw, thank you! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hello! I also got stuck out by the running out of memory, but I found it delightful. It feels like a small slice of peace. It feels like being a ghost in your own city.

Making sense of the games will probably be an adventure in itself! (Idea: IFDB Spelunking, but with the remains of a BOYD entry which, for some reason, was never submitted to the page, but emailed directly to you)