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It was good, just as I expected.

Having a hard time choosing been Ais and Leander, but I'll play all of the routes anyway. Gotta see every part of the story, at the end of the day. The plot by itself is good too so there's that (matters a lot). Really enjoyed the demo!!

Also, quick question:

Will there also pe poly routes in the future? 

Thank you a lot for your help ^^ The free ram might  not be very friendly, I didn't think about it :"))

Thank you too!! :)

Oh, makes sense. not sure if this is what you meant but at system type there's 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor and at processor; Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2840  @ 2.16GHz   2.16 GHz. The other things are the device name, ram (3.88 usable), IDs and pen and touch.

Sorry for the trouble, I will see what I can do about it. Thank you!

I just finished the demo. It really left me hanging. Looking forward to the full game :)

Hello, opinion and issue(?) report 

Got the game because it didn't leave my mind (I don't usually play if there's just the demo) buut I ended up liking it, the art, the idea (plot) and the characters seem very nice. Did I say that I like the art? 

I can choose my mc, I like the mc, all good. I just have a weird problem that never happened before. The game keeps stopping, especially if I go into the menu. I gotta tap multiple times until it eventually gets me to the saving screen, just to lag again. And badly. Even in game it still keeps refusing to work properly pretty often. Like not being able to skip dialogue and then skipping a line. I did extract the files and everything, so I am not entirely sure of what to do :") I see that it works for the others, but unless it requires a lot to work properly it shall work on my laptop too :") Vns do work on it. Could it be that the program (unity for example, if the case) doesn't work mine? I heard that this can cause problems.

Anyway, thank you for your work. You started a very beautiful project :)

Totally get it! No problem

Yes, the mini stories are the DLCs. They also recently released a new one but it isnt incorporated in the game :)

Can I somehow download the game on Xbox too?

That's still a step :) After 1 am the time almost flies tbh, you're either tired or busy with something (and if it interests you then it passed even faster). The problem is that the night is beautiful too and we gotta sleep at some point :")   I get what you mean with putting the alarm, I also do that xD but it's usually a 9 or 8 am one.

Some things are just kinda hard to do especially if they are not something you are used to doing. Maybe a schedule could help?

That's nice :)) I usually TRY but fail not to eat the cake. Or too much of it. If I could switch I'd just eat sweet stuff all my life

Doing pretty okay, thank you :) will have to wake up early and fight these weeks until I get used to what's to come xD Hope you had a good day :3

You did a good job regardless :) I hope you went back taking care to eat and all tho xD as a writer I can understand what you mean tbh. Sometimes you want to leave to a mountain and just work on your stuff once and for all  😂 

You'll get to that one too. Sometimes you want to eat the cherry before the cake xDD

Really cool, It was like a breath of fresh air xD loved the VA and story. I like how it kept a sweet vibe and didn't forget what yandere and everything is actually about. The ending was kinda surprising :)

The demo was awesome xD I love the fact that what we do can have an impact (challange mode). I did die trying a few times ngl :")

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It was nice to replay it again and get to hear the characters too. All of them sound like I would've expected them to xD I definitely recommend it to the others that are checking the comments :)

Happy to see you again :) I think I will definitely replay trough it. looking forward for what's to come next! 

Very nice. I would love to go there irl xD

You can unlock their CG from playing the mini story "Til Death"

Take your time! I'm sorry to hear that something bad happened. I hope everything will be okay and work out well for you in the end

Finally some good news from people I follow xD I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go.

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Very nice! Found it at the exact time for a Halloween party xD

I chose a game randomly to install but I really ended up liking it. The story is great and the plot has a lot to offer. I'm curious about what happens next. Also liked the choices you can make and the way they lead you to different stuff xD

Something that jumped to my attention were the phrases like "In the name of Zianna" that were added to Sebastien,Jori and Lyrissa. I suppose they are meant to give the characters more personality and something the reader can tie to them, but at least in the first part, from what I think, they were used too often. It's a fine line, because, since all these characters have them, even tho they are different, it can also make them seem more like one. They tend to repeat those rather often.
For example, if we look at Aldrias, the "sorry' that he says does add more image to his personality. There are indeed people like this, but it felt more natural coming from him. Not saying you have to change what I spoke about, but said I'll leave it here. Some kind of random opinion, i guess :)

Looking forward to the full game ^_^

It was very nice. Definitely going to pay the full game :)

Same :3 not sure if I got the other secret ending yet since I haven't finished all of them -yet- but I'll be looking after it xD

Also true xd It must be hard for them, if we think about it. Because they can't just go, eat something and feel fulfilled. They are a pretty strong person :)
Niard and Nine would be a pretty funny pair tbh xD

Thank you, might as well do that :3

Your hard work really paid off! and we're blessed to have another great game to play ^_^

This was really good :) Liked talking to the callers and being able to give them advice. It was a fun and interesting experience. Didn't expect some of the endings and they took me by surprise (In a good way).

Contains spoilers;

The ending where you see Niard was one of my favs xD Since Niard and Tava are my favorites. I imagine it must have been something after the end too haha 
Complimenting them doesn't sound half bad to me :)

AND Kiol- Sorry what xD I knew something was sus about them or Nyari from the start- but still. I can kind of understand them but it doesn't excuse their actions. 

I could keep talking about the characters, story and concept but I'll stop here for now :")
I will still say, however, that the voice acting was on point and very good. 

Thank you for making my night better! xD  Will go play it :))

Looking forward to it! :)

It was really good. I forgot it was the demo so I was surprised when it ended lol

Looking forward to the full game :) the art and all were very great  ✨

Okay, thank you! :)

Really enjoyed playing it.
You  get to know the characters well and get to see a part of their mind, sometimes you are shown that what you knew was wrong and get to see some turns of the story too :)
The story itself is interesting and keeps you playing as well

Liked every part of it tbh  :)

That's what I wanted to ask too xD

The game is really good and it keeps you playing :) It's cool how the lines more serious and such were voiced. Should not get started on how good was the voice acting because I would write too much. And the way they laugh- Should stop myself but really xD

The story was also nice, and the butterflies- 

(If you're not sure if you should install the game then I recommend that you do :) )







Tbh even on Ace's route I would still ship him with Keldran- The way they interact and all also leaves a chance a for a poly relationship which I understand that will be possible in the DLC which is rly great 😌

This demo alone was so good! Just finished it. Really looking forward to the full game. I have no idea why there are so little comments. The voice acting was very nice, the story too and you can literally see how much work was put into it.

(Very subtle spoilers?)

 There were especially some parts where the plot left me surprised- for example when you meet Cami you know where and the way the whole thing is written. Also I really like Shifa, all of the characters are great but I think she is my favorite. Plus; the thing that the story is based on and where Felix is trying to get to- is such a good and smart idea!
And the voice from when you save or load- that's a new thing. And I like it.

All I can say is that it was a masterpiece.

It was really nice playing it. I definitely recommend it!💜

I did the same but it was worth it xD

Looking forward to it!! 💜

Drama is about to happen xD I mean- it did already start but still- 

Is there any difference between playing it on unity or Ren'py? couldn't find the answer on google xd

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I really enjoyed playing it. The atmosphere, story and the whole experience was very great. Looking forward for the update! 

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The game was really enjoyable💙 Looking forward to the full game :) I like the story, and with with their situation (Kova and Nero); it also makes it feel more real? Like- with the factors that make it complicated.

I was rly surprised when I finished it :"""") because I kind of forgot it was just the demo