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This demo alone was so good! Just finished it. Really looking forward to the full game. I have no idea why there are so little comments. The voice acting was very nice, the story too and you can literally see how much work was put into it.

(Very subtle spoilers?)

 There were especially some parts where the plot left me surprised- for example when you meet Cami you know where and the way the whole thing is written. Also I really like Shifa, all of the characters are great but I think she is my favorite. Plus; the thing that the story is based on and where Felix is trying to get to- is such a good and smart idea!
And the voice from when you save or load- that's a new thing. And I like it.

All I can say is that it was a masterpiece.


Thank you so much! We really do need to market more haha, but I'm trying to build up on that front before marketing consistently! Shifa is such a fun character to write I'm glad you like her!

We'll keep working hard so that you can say the full game is a masterpiece too!