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Please don't make the question too hard I'm a big dumb horny raptor

Will there be memorization in it?

Thank you! That will very likely be the next thing I work on- however, I'm working on something in the Gator or Zebra "universe" if you want to call it that that I'm really excited about :D

Thank you :D me too ;3

Jeez thank you so much! :3 You too, have an amazing erotic day and looking forward to recordings :D

Also sorry I didn't respond sooner, for some reason I either missed/didn't get a notification.

Thank you~ I had so much fun making these games and I have something really exciting in the works right now btw!

If you record them let me know, I'd love to see/share and stuff. :3

Cute equine break out! :3

Woooah you know about Cboyardee!? I don't want to go into much detail but I was making games way back in the Rpgmaker 200X golden age, Barkley Gaiden and his music were a big influence on me at the time(and to this day :p) Hehe the main song in the game is a based on two songs he released in one of the Barkley 2 kickstarter rewards. I did a recreation of them and was trying to find a way to contact him, see if I could use my arrangements in either game but people I tried to contact to see if they had a way of contacting him either didn't respond or didn't have a way of contacting him :( so I just messed around with the chords, lead, etc... and made a new song out of it.

I'm not going to share the originals! This is the one that the Vrex pad theme is based on the most:

And this one I wanted to be the coffee shop theme in Gator or Zebra but since I never figured out how to ask if it was okay, I never used it:

I tried to imitate his style and I'm pretty sure we use a lot of the same soundfonts/VSTs(like the infamous "dooh" one)

Anyway, there will be more cute gay dinos soon- in another short game I'm working on at the moment :3 I won't be expanding on this game(but in the future I'll most likely expand on the concept of Velocirection's sexy place where you bang dinos including Vrex himself but in a game with a bigger scope) trust me though, there will be plenty more gay dinos either in games or in some art I'm doing or in way or another.

On the sex option, you're the second person that's brought this up! It's a blunder on my part- you see, I figured people would pick the "I wanna eat that ass!" option *first* you know? Like "To hell with this mini game bullshit, let's get to the sex >:3" but I thought wrong so my apologies. In the future, I'll make it absolutely crystal clear what dialogue options lead to sex or not. :) I've been meaning to update the game so that's a fix I'll do, make it so you can also do the sex option at the end of the mini game if you didn't do it the first time.

And anyone reading this, for the record:

"We've all played THOSE games that take millenea for the characters to start fucking"

I really dislike when games do this and if you play a game by Pizzass Games... know that I like to have the characters getting their freak on ASAP ;3 ;3 ;3

Thanks a ton for the kind words and the input! It's very helpful and I'm glad you're looking forward to more Gator or Zebra- that'll be coming soon but I wanted to do another short game for Valentines day(missed that sadly) of course I'll be putting that on itch when it's done. And you want to stay updated on that, follow @Velocirection on twitter :3 here's a little peek:

Tbh no idea, some tell me zebra is there favorite but people might enjoy gator more on day 2!

I just wanted to do something really gay with Velocirection's Pad ;p

Thank you!! :D more to come, friend- I'm just getting started ;3

Thanks ;3 glad you thought it was hot!

Thank you :D had a ton of fun working on Fatcat :p

;.)  thank you~!!

Oh man thanks a ton :D you have no idea how much I appreciate that!!! I'm still working on Gator or Zebra and very soon I'll have another thing playable for everyone- it'll be called Velocirection's Pad. It's related to GoZ but it's also a self contained experience...

Thanks again and double thanks for the money :3

Thank you so much :D I'm planning for some scenes where the player will have choice in what kind of sex stuff they do. So for example(this may or may not make it in the game!!!) like in sexy part you can either have Gravus suck the main chars dick or the main char sucks Gravus dick.

I have a small demo of something coming soon and I'm really excited about it! It's not day 2 but... Kind of a preview type thing with a couple extra things. You'll see soon!

And for this project, no animation, sorry :( I'm not very good at it and it can take a long time. However next game(or next next game) I plan on having 3d animation. Here's something reeeeally old

My original idea for a 3d dating sim was too ambitious but I'll return to that and make something in 3d(or just a sexy 3d animation? Idk we'll see!)

Thanks again for commenting and the feed back and I really can't wait to have more playable stuff for you(and everyone! You all are so kind, thank you! :D)

Thank you :D 95% photoshop(sometimes I use MS Paint to clean up lines) but for certain scenes I've been using 3d helpers(actually, the scene where the main char is standing by some cars was my first attempt at drawing over a 3d scene)

I modeled some cars in Blender for a previous project and figured I'd use those :p 

Thanks so much, Matt :3 glad you like it!! If I understand correctly, you have questions? Please feel free to ask here or you can email me at (also sorry for the late response, I'm not very active on itch :x)

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Hey, this is Velocirection! Your favorite pizza raptor game developer.

I just released a demo of my dating sim adventure game thing Gator or Zebra! [WARNING, it's an adult game + furry antics]

If furry stuff is your thing and this sounds interesting to you, I'd love for you to give it a shot! Even if you're not into furry stuff I've had non-furry friends try it they found it pretty entertaining.

The demo only has the first day in it- it's just taste of what's to cu- er come! Here's some screens from day two...