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This is brilliant, and absurdly handy. Easy to use too! 
Thank you.

A delightful adventure with cute graphics, solid platforming, and fun environments/enemies! I'd happily buy an expanded version of this on a console. 

Fantastic! Thank you!

Great, emotional journey. Cool secrets and ideas!


Super cool! This project is really similar to what I hope to make in Gdevelop, or somehow else. 

Thanks a bunch Luyren! I'm excited to try these out!

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This looks awesomely helpful! 
I have no idea if this is even the right question, but- will the basic behaviors work with any enemy regardless of animations and such? Like, the same stuff that tells a basic slime to move and munch will also apply to a larger, more complex foe? I am also struggling to find a way to convert rar to PNG- is there any way to download the PNGs so Stencyl can understand them? 

Thanks a ton for your response! :) 
Once I actually learn the system better, I'll try and make a "Samus Screen" type thing. I'm currently pretty new to all this stuff, but I'm finding Stencyl to be pretty intuitive most of the time, and its nice to hear the kinda game I want to make is doable with the program. I have loads of ideas, but very little idea of how to actually implement them- so it's refreshing to hear someone express confidence in a much simpler engine like this. 

This is super cool! I had no idea someone could create and share an entire system like this, and this lends credence to Stencyl being what I might go with for my own metroidvania. 
If I may ask a few questions, I'm curious if the engine can handle something with the scope/size of Metroid Zero Mission? 
And is it possible to design an inventory system that could be switched over from this screen? 

This is super awesome, thank you!

That's cool! Thank you for the reply! :) 

This looks super cool! 
I too am hoping to make a metroidvania in a similar vein, and it's good to hear Godot is relatively easy to use. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying to learn!

This is literally exactly what I was hoping to find, thank you so much!! 

This is an absolutely charming game, with cute graphics and solid mechanics! :) I can't wait to purchase this someday! 
May I ask what game engine you used to make this? 

Cute lil game and nicely made! The concept is immediately interesting and mechanics are quick to grasp, hard to master. I like it! 

This is awesome! I'm gonna try and use this for a title screen in my metroidvania! And maybe sweet background tiles as well, if I can figure out how. 

This is super cool! Still fiddling with it in Pixel Maker, and while I don't think I have the alignment quite right, it looks really good when I can finagle it all in the right spots! 

This looks fantastic! Absolutely fits the retro metroidvania vibe I hope to build a game around one day. Your robot looks a bit like a SwatBot from the old Sonic cartoon, and that makes me chuckle. Do you have a game engine that you find worked best/easiest with this pack? I'm brand new at all this, and trying to build up a knowledge base. 

Thank you!

Ahh that makes sense! I'd like something I can learn the basics of moderately quickly, but can also take the time to really master without being too intimidated. Currently tinkering in PixelMaker MV, and since it's somewhat allowed me to import and place things I got here, I call that a win. My two main game ideas are for a top-down ARPG and a metroidvania, as those are some of my faves to play. 

Thanks a ton for replying! I have absolutely zero art skill, so I dunno how often I'd be messing with the sprites but it's good to know some engines have limitations on what you can put in for size. I'll look into all that, thank you kindly! 

An absolute silly delight from start to finish! Love the little world and cartoony aesthetic, Buffet Knight is adorable, and the eating/fattening mechanic is well done! Gave off some Minish Cap vibes, and honestly- I'd happily pay a few bucks for an extended version on Switch or something. 

This looks fantastic! 
Complete newbie here, but which programs is this compatible for as is? Maker MV, PixelMaker, something else? I'm in the early planning stages of a fantasy rpg but I know...very little so far. 
Thank you!