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no need its fine here :)

EZ B) 

lol I did that long ago this is some thing new I did for my game 

رابط السيرفر منتهي احتاج دعوة للسيرفر اسمي في دسكورد vell#4314 

I compleated this game and I feel like:


awsome special idea

didn;t play the game yet but isn't this spelunky guy ?


you can download it now

you can download it now

(1 edit)

My game "Jailboi" is now downloadable !

 thank aturbirdflow for helping me exporting it

I deleted the browser version it doesn't work anyway

Im having issues with exporting my game can any one please download my game and export a and send me the file ? 

if you want here is my discord account: vell#6791

this is really awsome hard game gameplay is very fun !!! that i couldn't stop till I beated all levels

the idea is very great that can make a bigger project ! and the music fits the stye it reminds me of hotline miami its really fun !

I remember you should press Z 

the game has an update now tdownload it agai

good game idea

nice game fun gameplay I like the gun shot animation and the simple characters

I just got an error when I tryed to sell my weapon to a stranger

Im really glad you loved it :)))))) thank you

thanks im just having issues with exporting the game as windows

oh thanks didn't it lag for you ?

the ending music is cool but it ended too fast :(

why does it export to a weird file that not working ?

i didnt meet the horse in screenshots :(

this is game is really nice but there is a little wrong at picking colors

the captin will have a bad time :)

(1 edit)

i have drawn a nice skeleton flag for the pirates ship but the captin said nothing about it lol

its still a game

what why ???

لماذا نحن هنااااااااااااااااا ؟

i didn't find any theme in this game jam

i likde this game!

this game is so fun!

i beated it 5 times

and the 5th time was with no hit

great i dea great pixel art but the game is short and not realy fun

why is this game not working ?

حتى انت مشارك ؟ XD

gg لعبتك ممتعة