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We just posted our Global Game Jam game here on Itch! It's basically a 2-player game where you try to translate alien messages faster than the other channel and become the best TV news show in the entire universe.

You can find the game here:

Thank you so much! Loved the grumpy farming. xD

Hopefully we'll have something playable soon. :D

Thank you for the kind words! Sorry about the camera, glad you enjoyed it still. :) Hopefully we'll have something new soon!

Great video, thank you so much! :D

Thank you for playing! <3

Hello everyone!

We released a small farming game titled Farmer Fran: Running Out of Sunlight!, wherein you, as a first-time farmer, have to save a town from an upcoming storm by farming! Plant and harvest as much crops as you can in a week and gain the trust of the townsfolk before the storm hits.

This was originally going to be for Ludum Dare 39, with the theme of "Running Out of Power". We didn't make it in time, but we decided to spend a bit more time on it and finish it. :)

You can play it right over here! It takes around an hour or so to finish the game. The townsfolk have different dialogues on each day, so we encourage you to talk to them everyday and hear what they have to say. <3 

Here's a few in-game GIFs:

(Farming in the afternoon)

(Spending time with the people (and cats?) around town)

(Showing off some transitions! :P)

Please try it out, and let us know what you think! :)

(I also posted the game's music right here, and some development rambles over here if you're into that. :D)