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It's good

Soundtrack slaps, shiny polish throughout

Controls are tight and responsive and drifting around the levels works really well

Grand prix is just short enough that I don't get bored but long enough that the between-race decisions still feel like they matter

Send an email to (from the email you used to purchase the game) and I will send you a key

You can claim a Steam key for your purchase just like any other itch game which has them. You can see instructions for it in the help pages here:

Hey everyone! This isn't the initial release of this game, but it is the first release that I think is really worth putting out there in more places, after I published a major bugfix and polishing update yesterday. I hope that's okay. Anyway...

The Communist Dogifesto is a quirky little sci-fi FPS game, in the vein of System Shock. But in this game there isn't some evil AI who took over a space station; it's the Russian space dogs, led by Laika herself. They've created an army of robotic canines, and you're the only human left alive on the station... the last hope to take it back from the dogs!

It is a relatively short game, most players can finish it in 3-4 hours, but that time is densely packed with recorded messages from the ousted humans who used to own the station, special abilities, spooky corridors, tense combat, morally ambiguous story, and lots of dog puns.