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Vector Sky

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Hey! I just realised you're unbanned! =D

Super cool art, just it would have been more interesting if there were few more featrues adn missions, but great gameplay also!

I got 2 furries! They are so cute!

Noooooooo............................. T-T another friend left....

WHat!???? Nooooo... Please create a new account...

T-T please don't leave still...


Lol Exactly.

Wow great!

Wow! Hey I am learning Godot, you know? I am thinking to mix up my channel's videos with Godot and Scratch... Do you think this is a good step? (Honestly, it's both because I want to be more open to my viewers, and also I want to increase my subscribers and views 😋)

Ya... hope they do...

Oh no... I don't know why people does this... Have you told this to Scratch team?

ohhh.... :(

Nothing happens to me when The enemy touches me


Only you submitted and I guess others have forgotten about it... So... You are the winner...

It is not loading... :(

You can't add password to your game, because if you do, then other people won't be able to rate your game.

I am too! Here's the link to discord server for this term of Nature Odyssey Jam.

Oh... Here's it

I have made a Discord Server for this but I don't know how to attach it to this because this is my first time both in Discord and Can you tell how to?

I would probably overview them on YouTube.

okay. If you do, Credit them at least in your Game Page's Description.

Because generally people make the images themselves, by drawing in some designing software or websites.  Most music are licensed so if you use free music, you need to credit them. (I mentioned sound not only about sound effects, but anything which you can hear while the game is being played - so music is also counted in it) Coming to models and fonts, you have to credit them too.

Tears rolling down my ears when I heard the earth screaming and weeping due to all the rich and population in and around it...

I can't play in full screen T-T

Are you allowed on You Tube? (I am thinking of uploading a tutorial there)

About what?

If you have any jam related questions, then ask here!


Oh! I even have a good trailer for it.. But still...

I have followed everything to make a game known - Good thumbnail, Apppealing screenshots, Good and organised auto-start tutorial, and everything else... Still my game only has 10 ratings like yours... :( That's soo sad...

How to play after downloading? A zip extractor window has opened...

Yay! I will play this! Looks interesting!

Also, is this made on untiy

Are you actual Genius Apple on Scratch!?

I will rate your games, but I have also put a LOT OF EFFORT into my game - please play and rate it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Its a request. 

Not necessarily. But levels add more fun, for longer time :)