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I'd be honored! Feel free.

This was a lot of fun to play! Super satisfying once I got past the initial difficulty hurdle with understanding what things meant. I also loved the aesthetic, what with time starting and stopping like that broken down into a managable number of turns! I found myself micromanaging which item was equipped to each slot with a great amount of detail once I learned the ropes, and that was the run I yarr got the booty.

Really exciting, fascinating game! I really adored the idea of only being able to hold one thing at a time, it opened up a lot of interesting decisions. It was also very satisfying to slowly but surely make progress through the map.

Really interesting idea! I had a good time with this one, doing a bunch of runs trying to get better and better scores. I thought it was particularly interesting to learn how to do the "first" room without any "living witnesses", which taught me how to effectively go about the rest of the game.

Really satisfying graphics!!! Love interesting terrain features, and the postmortem was really interesting to read.

Oh, and you're the person who did Slime99 too, lmao. Figures as much, that game was also super innovative. Well done!

This was so incredibly fun! I spent a good hour with it trying to beat it, greeding very hard until I realized I didn't have to worry so much about catching every single credit before it flew out into space, and that the "accuracy" bonus in reality worked against me. Felt really great to go ham on floor 5 with big lungs and railguns after figuring out the game's mechanics, and slapping the fuel bay on a screen drenched in blue was very satisfying. I particularly liked the multi-glyph enemies.

Really innovative spin on the general premise! Map scrolling was pretty unexpected and fun to play with. Also nice to have the game have deterministic basic mechanics so that "undo"-ing repeatedly, although I ended up abusing it to "check" what was off the bottom of the screen sometimes before I figured out how that all worked.

Absolutely phenomenal game. Super satisfying turn-based time increments- especially the time dilation, accelerations, deceleration, etc. etc. Was a lot of fun to fight large groups, would like to see the core mechanic reused in new overarching game contexts as well in addition to the additional incremental fight-at-a-time model.

Beautiful game! Gorgeous visuals and sweet sounds. The plant sprites were very satisfying to look at.

This was my #1 7DRL of 2020 and you should play it. I highly recommend it. It's brilliant. My Hooves are Flaming.