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GOTY 2022 material to be quite honest. Only major suggestion would be to add an exit game feature! Great work

Really cool proof of concept. Very interested in what this could be if you ever expand it into a full game.

PS. Love the Barton Fink bit!

Hi! Game seems really neat so far. Unfortunately I've hit a bug; when I load my game, I see a blank cutscene, and after I skip it, it loads me into the bedroom without any interaction, and therefore no exits. Any idea what's up? BLM!

Simply put, this is the slickest shmup I've ever played. The design and feel are both so tight. Deserves to become a classic. Just phenomenal! 

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Just finished this. Awesome work! I love the twist on the sokobon premise. Really slick and clear puzzle design. There are some real stumpers here, too! Looking forward to more of your work. :)

I know this game is kind of a joke, but the mechanics are also legitimately intersting!

Other marketplaces frequently make e-mails or notifications available for when games released or on a sale. Is there any such feature on itch? If so, where? If not, I think it would be quite nice! I'd like to be up to date on the games I've been hoping to pick up!

Fantastic! :)

Really interesting idea! There are very few pacifist rogue-likes, so this was a nice addition.  My biggest complain would be the speed of movement and camera angle is a little unnerving.

Understandable, after all you only had 7 days! That being said, I quite like it. I feel few games use orientation as a mechanic, so it's really fun to see it played around with. 

Really interesting! A tad difficult, I'll say. And the dual blades don't convey which direction they're facing well. But all in all, one of the most interesting submissions I've played so far! I love the use of deterministic combat. Really unique take on it, and was a lot of fun to play around with.

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