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Just finished this. Awesome work! I love the twist on the sokobon premise. Really slick and clear puzzle design. There are some real stumpers here, too! Looking forward to more of your work. :)

I know this game is kind of a joke, but the mechanics are also legitimately intersting!

Other marketplaces frequently make e-mails or notifications available for when games released or on a sale. Is there any such feature on itch? If so, where? If not, I think it would be quite nice! I'd like to be up to date on the games I've been hoping to pick up!

Fantastic! :)

Really interesting idea! There are very few pacifist rogue-likes, so this was a nice addition.  My biggest complain would be the speed of movement and camera angle is a little unnerving.

Understandable, after all you only had 7 days! That being said, I quite like it. I feel few games use orientation as a mechanic, so it's really fun to see it played around with. 

Really interesting! A tad difficult, I'll say. And the dual blades don't convey which direction they're facing well. But all in all, one of the most interesting submissions I've played so far! I love the use of deterministic combat. Really unique take on it, and was a lot of fun to play around with.

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