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I wanna ask, is Fear and Hunger Termina "Twitch Friendly"? is there an option to toggle content not safe for twitch?

I still am unsure what is the knocking sound, because I couldn't hear anything immediately before the door opens

Honestly I couldn't hear the knocking sound too well, maybe make a better indicator for that?

I really have to ask, how do you avoid the woman at the door, I tried hiding it, but It didn't work

Really cool looking game... but I gotta ask, how is this related to the "Mask" theme as shown in Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam 2022?

Hey, is there a fix for the multiple menu glitch, apparently I got stuck on a journal then I got stuck in the Pause Menu

I do wanna ask, when saving one of the dishes on the Plate, and after Lunch Rush begins, the dish on the plate disappears, is that some sort of bug?

Here's the Problem, Apparently It's one of those Unreal Engine Games that does not work with OBS as it freezes everything except the capture, is there a workaround?

So, does this game have an alternate ending when you go up the different path on the second village, or is it just one?

say out of curiosity, are there different paths and different endings in the game?

Hey I do wanna ask for some fixes...
Well the thing is, the whole Keeper thing, When I got the key and used it on the door, so I thought of returning to it, so when I came back, it's the same dialogue as before so I gotten 2 additional keeper keys...

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Hey, I have many problems with the game, the thing is when I get a game over, there is no whistle sound or walking sounds as I hit new game. And by the way, the Direction is really confusing, I only can hear the 1st, 2nd, and 4th monolith, and not the rest whenever I whistle. and when I finally got to the cave, I cannot go in, do I have to find all monoliths???

Could you at least update it with the control options for QWERTY keyboard

I have many problems with Moonlaw, the thing is, that Everytime you get hit you always jump upward, and the enemy hitboxes are ridiculously small, mainly the boss, the controls are a bit sticky, so If you would fix all the problems, that'll be great

This Game needs Invincibility Frames when hit

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Hey Problem is, My Team suddenly starts to explode when not touching the enemy? Like whenever it touches a Zombie or near it, It starts to explode immediately?

I honestly do not understand how the entire game is related to the cartridge since this game is about nuclear bomb, a glowing man, and who is cassie?

Dude, imagine if it has VR compatibility, that'll give you better control of the mirror.

But honestly I don't hear a swing sound when clickinh the mouse button when holding an axe ot knife

Question, How can you tell you are attacking, I'm trying to hit a spider with an Axe, but It keeps saying you aren't attacking because of damaged and I can't tell if I'm attacking or not?

that is interesting

Just Curious, is there multiple endings in the game?

Has anyone ever Played the game for the walkthrough, honestly I really am unsure about the after midnight segments since I know it kind of a bit like one of those .EXE games

So then what is the point of having a price tag on it?

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Is the Paid Game in this game the Full version or was it the same as it was featured in Haunted PS1 Demo Disc?

Geez the whole matching game was too hard

Honestly, is it true that you ditched the horror idea of the prototype on Haunted PS1 Demo Discs?