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I love how polished it is. I really like the art style and mechanics. I do think that the controls are a tad slow, however. Would love to see more!

Thank you for the comment!

Thank you! You're right, as the arrow does get pushed past the 20. We can't be losing TOO much profit.

that sounds like a you problem. works for everyone else. sorry!

thank you for the play!!

thank you for the feedback. I have noticed the bug, and it should work if you go out of the game and back in. It is caused because I forgot to reset the global variable for the money amount. sorry!

I have noticed this as well. I think it's only in the web version. sorry!


This was so creative!

why is nobody playing this lol


if you press W you can fight obama??


I love the art and the gameplay, but there are some bugs with the signing

This was very entertaining! I really like the Atari/commodore 64 style.

thanks man. adding more destruction methods.

thank you!

 I tried to improve on the difficulty in the sequel, as well as make a central mechanic instead of 2 unrelated ones like the generator in the box and the timer in the hospital. I agree it is too short. I gave up on a scrapped car level, which i turned into a cutscene. Thank you for playing!!

what does this mean????????? lol

I will give it a watch, and I have already subbed. thank you again!

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Not really any deep hidden lore, as it is kind of a joke game, but the hobos attacking were all bitten by radioactive hobos. does that count? lol

edit: actually the dude on the left is just a normal dude who really needs you to know about your car’s extended warranty.

Thank you for playing!! I had to nerf the middle hobo, so perhaps i overdid it.

thank you for playing! 

maybe? it might be the browser but i will try to fix it later.

I have nerfed him and also updated the how to play menu to better tell you how to avoid them.

It will move up a stage if you do not shine it every now and then. update coming soon, might change some difficulty and update the how to play menu. thank you for playing!

thank you for playing! It made me realize that i need to adjust difficulty lol

Thank you for the comment (:

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It is kind of broken, especially when you are trying to flash your light behind you, I don't think the doors have any use, as nobody showed up, and the fun with plushtrap minigame didn't work for me. Other than that I liked the idea and it made me chuckle. (In a good way) (:

Let me know about bugs or other issues you experience please.


Please post suggestions for fortunes. They will very very very likely be added!

I look forward to playing.

This is cool! I really like the dust particles and the motion blur.

lol thanks

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That moment when you have a really good idea for a game mechanic, but somebody already did it way better than you ever could but if you made the game people would think you were stealing

lol can't relate

Pubert bombed pearl harbor

This is my  new favorite abomintation

please play oh gosasdasdasdgfdesd