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Thanks for the feedback!

Well done! I'm simply blown away by the fact that you made this all by yourself! I do not have any constructive feedback to give as the previous comments already cover all the points to further improve the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

Fixing the controls is on our priority list of things to do. Truth be told, we knew the controls were gonna give most people (if not everyone) a hard time when we submitted the game, but we did not manage to fix the issue in time!

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused!

I'm sure that's not the case :) Even I struggle to complete the game...that's just how tricky and dodgy the controls are. However, we do intend to fix this issue ASAP!

A really humorous and fun game to play! It's a shame there is not a Humor category, or I would've given it a 5 out of 5. I find the art-style as well as the overall design really charming, too! I appreciated how you incorporated the theme into the game in a soft, at times subtle, and yet effective way.

If I had to give a small piece of advice it would be to fill in the space on both sides of the smartphone with a little something (a cool background or a new mechanic to name a few) so that it does not look as empty and you no longer have unused space! 

Well done guys!

Thank you!

It is definitely a mechanic I want to expand on, and I already have  a couple of ideas I want to put in motion.

I like the concept!

I found it positively challenging. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty intuitive even for those who, like me, are not avid Tetris players (let's just say I'm not the best Tetris player out there). The main menu music really gives off spooky vibes, too!

A good entry considering you were on your own!

Spectacular graphics, simple and yet consistent game-play. The physics is on point, too!

It kind of reminds me of a game on Steam called Kabounce. You might want to check it out so that you can think of ways to make your game stand out even more!

Overall, a great game!

I really like the concept! This game combines two elements I'm a huge fan of: isometric perspective and low-poly assets.

I did manage to break the game in a fashionable manner, too! I was fighting the blue slimy-looking boss when I got killed and I was being teleported back to what I believe was the check point (the blue circle). As soon as I reached the check point, I got sent flying across the map, past the boss, and finally off the map at the end of the world.

It was great! XD

I had a bit of a struggle gauging the distance between the moving platforms, although I noticed you could simply wait till one merged into the other and walk across it.

Thank you!

We will definitely fix the dreadful controls system!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, we have thought about implementing new mechanics around the day/night cycle to integrate it into the game-play, and we do intend to expand on it in future updates.

We will definitely fix the controls in the near future!

I'm sorry that you had difficulties playing the game ):

Oh I see! That's actually an interesting mechanic. I did try to read what the skeleton had to say, but as I mentioned in my previous comment, it was a bit hard so I might have missed it out!

A good attempt considering this is your very first game and you developed it by yourself! Also, the music is really spot on and creates the sense of tension you would feel if you were in Adrian's shoes.

If you allow me to be critical, I'd like to point a few things out that I came across whilst playing the game.

I've noticed that here and there, there's a number of platforms that do not have a collider attached to them or it seems like it does not cover the platform fully. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but as far as I noticed, there was no way to tell the difference.

I would also suggest to change the font color for your text to make it stand out from the background. Since both the bg and the text use the color blue, the text is quite hard to read.

All in all, well done!

Thank you!

I totally agree that the controls and the animations are a bit wonky at the moment.


Yeah, we were painfully aware of it but could not fix it in time :(

That is definitely a possibility, considering I already had an idea for a story in mind but did not have the time to implement it into the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

Simple but consistent! I particularly enjoyed the fact that when two bullets collide, they cancel each other out. I found it intriguing for some reason.  

Adding some background music would definitely make it for a more immersive experience.

All in all, well done!

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Edit: I meant "Double tap a direction", since you can either use A/D or arrow left/right to move.

Hi all! On the third level, which acts as a tutorial level for the game, there is a small typo: Instead of "Double click..", it should be "Double tap A or D to perform a dash". I'm sorry for the trouble this may cause.