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I found the game to be quite interesting, and I genuinely appreciate the effort put into incorporating the theme.

Some suggestions for improvement would be to provide more clarity regarding the swim button. Clearer instructions on how to use it would have been helpful for a smoother gaming experience.

Overall, great work!

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Hi Austin, your game is fantastic! I was impressed by the game's concept, and the arrow indicators made it incredibly easy to grasp without the need for extensive instructions.

The level of challenge was spot on and added to the overall excitement. Your effort truly shines through, and I'm eagerly looking forward to future levels!

However, having some straightforward instructions about the arrow indicators and the breath gauge would have been helpful for clarity.

Keep up the great work!

Great concept! I really enjoyed trying to survive as long as possible.

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An absolute gem of a game! Playing as the candle, with wolves breathing down your 'wick,' is a brilliant concept. It's a unique and immersive experience that adds a whole new layer of excitement to gaming. Kudos to the developers for creating something truly special.

Sometime next week !

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1. Yes! 
2. Yes! 
3. It can be something separate, but if you can add into your gameplay that would be awesome!

I am planning to announce it on the game jam page :) I'll post it in the form here to give everyone an update that the winner's name has been posted.

Smells like a bug, thank you for playing!

Lmao, I love the concept!

Great concept! Well done :D 

Very cool concept and fun to play, I like how difficult it is but its satisfying. 

Love the soundtrack playing in the background aswell, well done!

Great game concept but I do feel like the movement is a bit slow, if I had the option to press shift and run , I feel like it would be a nice touch !

Good job overall!

Very well made and great concept, I am havin' lots of fun!

Made it harder!

Awesome concept, I had alot of fun!

Thank you!

very cute!

Great game! really love the concept, good job!

Ooo 400! good job :O !


This is a really fun game!
I really like the concept and I can keep playing it over and over again.

Kudos to the team :D

Hey Daniel, where can I find the tree animations?

Yeah, I was trying to find this as well.

Questions - How do I create the "full" jump animation? 

I tried to compile it and it doesn't "jump" in the air