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Great game! really love the concept, good job!

Ooo 400! good job :O !


This is a really fun game!
I really like the concept and I can keep playing it over and over again.

Kudos to the team :D

Hey Daniel,

will you add a gathering animation? to gather the oranges on the tree or the fruit on the bush?

Found it, thank you

Hey Daniel, where can I find the tree animations?

I bought this set but I am not able to download the file attached...

Yeah, I was trying to find this as well.

Questions - How do I create the "full" jump animation? 

I tried to compile it and it doesn't "jump" in the air

Hi Daniel, 
Do you think you can add a  throwing animation. 

I was planning to create a projectile attack and I think it will be super useful to have a throwing animation on the main character

Would you be willing to make a Bag Icon 

that's awesome!

oh yes, like a tab for the UI? ... so i'll be able to switch from different items like a resource tab , tool tab, weapon tab etc

would you be willing to an an inventory UI in the future?

For the walking animation is there the walking animation when it walks up, I only see the animation when the character walks to the right or left