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good sokoban game, I broke the 3rd floor by pushing a bomb into the water just as it hit 0 tho

chrome battle advanced

One of the very relaxing puzzle games, I love stuff like this

not as cursed as the rest, still very puzzling

also how do you actually play the game? the door keeps getting bigger and bigger lol

hello speknski

No death animation this time it seems

Can't get past the title screen, even trying everything I could think of

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cool, reminds me of the windows screensaver and LSD Dream Emulator

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the hitbox of the thorns around the saturated tulip are a bit big, and I can die and collect it at the same time.

but other than that, this is really cute, and I love the detail where she closes her eyes when she jumps

edit: and does this game have an ending? I even collected 100 tulips, and nothing happened


very funny, better than anything I can do

nice game, here from YNO discord


also I recognise you from hept's discord

nice game, got stuck on level 9 tho

nice, level editor off the bat


collab battle advanced

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nice game, tho its very hard

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(also the music sounds like if Aphex Twin was corporate)

(edit: hi-score is 17 layers)

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I was grooving to the music so hard that I did my minesweeper logic wrong

(high-score is 23385)

(edit: and I'd like the feature where you can click on numbers to clear the ones around it if there is that number of mines around it)

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ok, just did, yeah

tho its kinda the creator that I wanna report

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I commented on some games trying to warn people that the person drew/draws c*b art (furry slang for nsfw art featuring minors), but he just keeps deleting my messages

(edit: the person is "harmarist")

tho level 4 has a janky cheese in it

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but how do I get the crates off the edge?

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thanks for including that hint lol

(edit: I still can't solve it)

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"level 3 of 2"

something is wrong I can feel it

(edit: 'level 8 of &' lol)

nice game. tho the fact you can die if you release under a hight to short for you is a bit janky instead of you just staying crouching

well I didn't say that as in a "it sucks cuz it doesn't have an ending", sorry if it sounded like

I love avantguard pieces of media

at least its better than garten of banban

yahiamice please sign my liver

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turning blocks into crates and walls is a fun game

yes, not even an ending

ok so it is real

I'll still call it Kerfus because yes

I'm confused, does it have Kerfus or is that just a mod? I've seen many YouTubers have a kerfus in their base


me too

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it is possible

(also I got the original level in 1 minute and 5 seconds)

Nice game, I think I recognise some art from an asset pack

I spent a minute trying to solve the background lol