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This technically doesn't have to just be used for images and videos, this could be used to automatically transfer other files, such as documents, shortcuts, archives, music, you name it.

would be nice if there was scaling for the window, I had to change my display settings to see everything

it doesn't seem to play music for me, but my computer tends to do weird stuff with audio, so who knows?

doesn't play the one game that all standard calculators should be able to play (press 1, then +, then every time you press =, your score goes up by one... doesn't work here)

The exports have holes in them, but if that gets fixed, I will definitely be using this for easy rocks

This tool has some serious limitations... not because it's the theme of the jam, but because I can't be bothered with anything else

Ok, it seems like it just takes a bit to process. It seems like both of our projects are in there now. (yours being Black Name Generator, right?)

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I am replying so then I can subscribe to this topic, as I am having the same problem

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great concept, I just found it really hard to my food levels up and the spelling was a bit off in some spots. 4/5 stars from me

Edit: didn't realise I could put comments on ratings until after posting this

my comment is a bit out of date. after they released an actual launcher for the game, it worked

I can't figure out how to actually play the game. The play button does nothing and the lobbies button does nothing either.

I wasn't, I made a separate folder outside of the puaslitron's directory for my files. Again, 1.0 worked, but 1.1 didn't

I don't know, I didn't even get an error with either, just that 1.1 wouldn't actually save or load

files don't load or save

1.1 doesn't work at all, had to download 1.0

is there only one ending? or are there multiple?

why this fun to play?