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Your comment is like a delightful bowl full of cheese ice-cream Eye on Google . This submission will eventually, maybe sometimes, allow for even a rare breed of a large creature to see its own reflection and significance, making it unable to recognize itself.  In that case, would the giant organs perform the existing functions or acquire new ones?...

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Your attention and words are like a delicious pastry, taking into account that you yourself are a participant with Vacate. Regarding your question, just before the start of the ⚙️ SCREAM MACHINE ⚙️ I updated the engine version and after 5 days of using it I also started encountering “changes” in it... Pleasant and not, a pretty critical time for prototyping, unfortunately. So at the end of the last 34 minutes of this SCREAM jam I had to reduce the final touches to the “quit” action which might seem like it is a crash.

P.S. I would like to note that there is always 3% that it was indeed a real bug. But AFTER “ichor waterfall” it should be absolutely fine in this 3.0.1 version.

Because it is still a prototype that misses the unbiased crust of the bread.

I believe that all stages of expression, in fact, have been spoiled with art. The end goal is that it might be paid off with some hint of attention and a thoughtful response or two (in one form or another). 

Basically, you encourage me with your attention, because it takes some time to write a comment and I’m sure your time is valuable. 

It is just possible that You can find the right answer here:

  • [Windows] Game does not start with "Couldn't start ..... Create Process returned ..." message Avast antivirus is known to cause this issue. If you have this issue and you have Avast running, open it, go to Settings > General > scroll down until you see Exclusions > then add your UT folder there.


If only my eyes could smile.