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Nice game ! The mechanic is original and fits the theme. Good job

This game is fun ! Good job

Thanks bro i really appreciate your feedback ! The main difficulty in the game design was to ajust the difficulty of the game. Have you found it too hard or too simple ? 

Feel free to develop the idea, for now i want to do multiple prototypes before making a real project.

Thanks again ;)

Nice game ! But i have found a bug.Ii can reproduce the sequence just by following the sequence when it is playing , so i don't even have to memorize

Thank you so much Josh for this great feedback !!! Yes the bug you mentioned is a little boring bug i was lazy to fix that xD but i will do . Also you bring me some really amezing ideas to make this game better!!

fun game !!

Thank you for these positive vibes !!

Thanks ::) !!

Thanks for playing !!

I made a puzzle game too , but your game is far better than mine ;)   good job !!

Great entry, i definitely loved it . Nice gameplay though

Hey thanks for your feedback . I made it just in 24h, so it was very hard to come up with some difficult levels. Maybe i will think about another levels after ;)

Thank you for the feedback !! 

Thank you for this amezing feedback !! Yes i wanted to make the story fit with the levels, i am glad you noticed that. I didn't had enough time to polish the story side, otherwise it would be more noticable

Very good game, challenging and with amezing graphics !

Thanks !

Thank you !!

Thanks !!

Thank for your feedback !

Thanks ! I will come up with some new and challenging levels 

Congratulations! It was very hard to create some difficult levels x)

very nice puzzle game ! but i am stuck at level 2 . any solution ?

very good challenging entry !

Very nice , love the way you use the theme !

Thanks !!

Thanks bro !

Awesome ! a game where it is usefull to die :')