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Thank you so much! And huge congrats on your game!! achievement++

Thank you that's nice of you to say!

How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself is a guide for anyone who wants to make their own video game. Read this book to learn how to locate the itch you're eager to scratch, how to pick a game engine that will power your vision, how to find the fun in playing your unique game ... and much more.

Inside you'll find:

  • 10 chapters
  • 200 pages
  • 27 inspiring quotes
  • 33 hand-drawn illustrations
  • A video game you made

Most importantly, this book helps you guide your project to the finish line. Written from personal experience by a video game industry veteran and podcaster, it's packed with handmade drawings and charts. It's stuffed with quotes from notable video game developers and other creators. Lastly, it's pragmatic and terse, with the clear goal of helping you make a video game all by yourself.

Buy your digital copy now! Or buy a paperback copy on Amazon.