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Vague Pixels

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There is one here but do keep in mind its a really old one, we have changed alot of things in the final game, like a ton of stuff in design/art and overall feel of the game


thank you!

Thank you bro for supporting us!

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did you use a gamepad?

Edit: Anyway I think it is somewhat fixed, this error occured because the variable 'sKey' was used before it was initialized,  this error is something I and alot of people never encountered and should not be possible but it is happening somehow, So I have initialized when the object is created. It shouldn't happen now! and thanks for pointing it out ^_^

thank you so so much for the help ^_^

Hey guys , 

We are Vague Pixels , an indie studio of two 15 yr old gamedevs from India and we are working on our first title Alter Army.

Alter Army is a fast paced 2d action platformer game and we just released Alter Army's Beta on Itch so please download it and try it out.

Vague Pixels.