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You're welcome! ;)
Please feel free to leave a review as it will help the game get noticed. Thank you! :D

Sure! ;)
Please send me an email through the form on this page, using the email address you used for your purchase on itch.

Sent! ;)

I'm currently working on it! ^^
I'll be glad to send keys to people that already purchased the game, but they'll have to ask for it, as it'll be too much work to track down every purchase and send a key to everyone, haha! ^^'

I'm happy you enjoy the experience. Thank you for playing my game! ;)

Yes sorry, it's a bit early to tell, but it will most likely happen this year! ^^

All right! Thanks again! :D

For Vetrix 2 I'd like to have a little single-player campaign, more game modes, more palettes including HD ones, more music, and maybe a multiplayer mode but I'm not sure yet for this one. ^^
What would you like to see in Vetrix 2?

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Everything works fine on my side. Just to be clear, you need to attain the minimum high score for your score to be saved. For example, scores under 100.000 points for the Score Mode won't be saved, but if you reach 102.000 then it will be saved.
If the issue persists try to verify the permissions for the app, or please fill-up the contact form here

Concerning the updates, the game released last February with 4 palettes and two game modes. I've added 4 more palettes and another game mode since then, and you're probably contemplating the definitive version of the game. I'd like to move on to Vetrix 2 as I have ideas that I can't really implement in Vetrix.
Thanks again!

Hello! Thank you very much for the kind words! <3

I don't have a Quest 2 at the moment so I can't say for sure if or when I'll be able to increase the resolution. The hand tracking, however, won't be implemented in Vetrix, but I'd like to have it for Vetrix 2! ^^

Thanks for purchasing my game! :D

This ain't your Grandma's Tetris!

Vetrix is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris, but with its own original mechanics built for virtual reality.
The player will have to demonstrate dexterity, organization, and good skills in the geometry of space as well as proprioception to achieve the best possible score.

> Place the shapes wherever you want
You can place shapes on the bottom, the sides, or even the top of the puzzle area. There's no gravity so make good use of the space.

> Special blocks
Special blocks will give you bonuses, make sure you collect them swiftly.

> Three game modes
Score mode - Reach the highest score possible in 300 seconds.
Time mode - Reach the target score as fast as possible.
Free mode – No time constraints, just relax.

Good luck and have fun!

Get it here:

Get it here: