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bruh moment

Right now he is focusing on mainly bug fixes and new content, the vanity of the game would probably have to wait until he has more content in the game so the game's overall quality is good


He may not have the Virtual Reality headset meant for testing it, also he might not know how, and please, be modest.


P.S He said he didnt have the program to anyways

There is an option to save the game in the pause menu, or it might save automatically when you pause the game


The lag shouldn't be a problem, don't play on a microwave powered by a potato, play on a rig powered by gasoline


You might want to double check your spelling there buddy.

So you are a noobie? Huh, it seems like only a pro can make this game how it was!


it would fit in both suggestion box and complaint box, he is suggesting that the creator of the game  make another platform


you obviously have a shit computer if you have a serious lag issue, try optimizing the settings or quit some programs while playing